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Atlanta Special FX Spotlights First Neon Paint Cannons For Sale In The Industry

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Neon Paint Cannons at UV Neon Paint Party
Atlanta Special FX is once again blasting its way to the front of the pack.  This time with an ingenius way of splattering kids with UV neon paint.  ATL FX launched its new product line this month with a proprietary CO2 powered neon paint cannon for propelling paint into crowds of cheering teens and adults during high energy EDM paint parties.  CEO Michael Willett said "We have watched the popualarity of these shows grow over the last few years with companies like DayGlow and Life In Color and we have provided them special effects, such as CO2 jets and CO2 confetti cannons, but we are always challenging ourselves to stay on the cutting edge.  I believe we have done it again with our Neon Paint Cannon"  After seeing this product in action and how it blasts over a gallon of paint in just one second to distances up to 60 feet you will see why Atlanta Special FX filed a patent on the technology.  The cannon utilizes compressed gases and multiple launch angles to propel the paint up and out in to the cheering audience.  The cannon also has a loud blast when it goes off signaling to unsuspecting fans to prepare to get spattered.  Willett also informed us "We currently sell the cannons in 6 of the over 50 countries we service and looking at our order list you will soon see these in all those countries"  Another recent partnership has people talking and I am referring to the alignment of a paint party entertainment company named Neon1X Entertainment and Atlanta Special FX has really generated a lot of buzz.  CEO of Neon1X Ent Craig Wallace told us "This new relationship with ATL FX was aligned in the stars.  Its rare when two people meet that share a passion for what they do, but our two companies have it."  Wallace also went on to say "When its not all about the money your show will be bigger and better.  We don't cut corners and our two companies put heart and soul into making every show bigger and better, with more paint, more surprises and even custom made man made clouds shaped like stars and corporate logos floating around in the venue."  Did he just say custom clouds?  After digging some more we learned Wallace was referring to the Atlanta Special FX division of Cloudvertising.  Atlanta Special FX has perfected and trademarked the art of Cloudvertising.   Cloudvertise® as referred to experienced members as the art of taking foam and injecting it with lighter than air gases, then forcing it through a mold to produce shaped foam clouds that come out every 40 seconds and float on the breeze for up to an hour before just evaporating into thin air.  Unbelievable to think that you could be seeing RedBull, Monster, and other envogue corporate sponsors getting involved with these popular paint parties and using this cloud producing technology.  So be sure to keep your eyes on these two companies as the next few months take shape.  Wallace closed by saying "We have already booked parties well into 2014 and have new ideas, and FX equipment being custom made for each show."  Below is the contact info for both companies if you have further questions.  Very exciting stuff!
Atlanta Special FX

Neon1x Entertainment

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