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About Us

Since 2008 our company's mission has always been to manufacture and provide every customer, the highest quality stage Special FX and party equipment products at the most affordable we do.  Atlanta Special FX® is a full service production and party event company that provides professional, dependable heavy duty equipment at affordable rates.  ATL Special FX® is currently providing trusted special effects equipment to over 90 countries and growing.  Our knowledgeable and experienced party planners and stage production staff and technicians manufacture and maintain a high quality line of theatrical effects that are among the most trusted in the world. These trusted effects include:
  • CO2 cryo jets
  • CO2 confetti cannons
  • Handheld CO2 cryo guns
  • Cloudvertise®
  • Evaporating snow machines
  • Fog machines
  • Low Lying LSG Fog
  • Haze machines,
  • Dry wave scent machines,
  • Foam party machines,
  • Inflatable foam pits.
In addition, over the past year we developed a fluid formulation company called ChemFX Solutions to manufacture all fluids.  Our 30 years of formulation experience ensures consistent fluid performance.  Currently we manufacture a high end line of theatrical fluids that are lab tested and formulated by award winning chemists to ensure safe operation in all special effects machines.   Our fluid line includes:
  • Evaporating snow 
  • Cloudvertise® foam 
  • Fog and Haze Fluid
  • Pro Bubble Formula
  • Snow flocking cream
  • Foam Party Juice
  • UV Neon Paint. 

 Atlanta Special Fx Owner Michael Willett CO2 Cryo Jet Manufacturer

ATL Special FX® can also supply you with industrial grade CO2 Cryogenic Gas also known as liquid CO2 and Co2 Tanks of any size, year round.  Visit