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Igniting the Stage: Atlanta Special FX Sets the Nation Ablaze on Stick Figure's Spectacular Tour

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Welcome, music lovers and production managers, to Atlanta Special FX, the leading provider of stunning pyrotechnic displays for live events! Today, we are thrilled to share the exciting news about our recent collaboration with the immensely popular band Stick Figure on their nationwide tour. As one of the fastest-growing pyrotechnic companies in the USA, we take immense pride in delivering awe-inspiring pyro flames and ensuring the utmost safety for artists and fans alike. Join us as we dive into the world of Atlanta Special FX and explore the thrilling journey we embarked upon with Stick Figure! Unleashing the Flames of...

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How To Get A Pyro License In The USA

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If you're interested in pursuing a career in pyrotechnics, obtaining a pyro license is a necessary step to ensure public safety and comply with federal explosives laws. The process of getting a pyro license can be complex and requires careful planning and preparation. You need to meet the basic requirements set by the ATF, complete a comprehensive training program, and submit a detailed application that demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of explosives safety. By following these steps, you can achieve your goal of obtaining a pyro license and pursue your passion for pyrotechnics safely and legally.

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Atlanta Special FX Introduces the Rothenberger Multigas 300 and CFH Cannister for Gflames - The Perfect Choice for Spectacular Special Effects


Greetings, fellow special effects enthusiasts! As the owner of Atlanta Special FX, I am excited to announce that we are now offering two of the most popular cannisters for Gflames on the market - the Rothenberger Multigas 300 and the CFH cannister. We understand that creating spectacular pyrotechnic effects requires precision and expertise, and that is why we only offer products that meet the highest standards for quality and performance. Our Rothenberger Multigas 300 cannister is a premium quality product that is perfect for creating mesmerizing special effects with your Gflame fire projectors. With a unique blend of 35% propane...

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Add Explosive Excitement to Your Festival or Concert Tour with Atlanta Special FX's Pyro Flames

Welcome to Atlanta Special FX! As the owner, I am excited to share with you why you should choose our company for your next festival or concert tour. We specialize in providing top-of-the-line special effects that will make your event unforgettable. One of our most popular offerings is our pyro flames. Our pyro flames are a favorite among concertgoers and festival attendees alike, and they can add an exciting element to any performance. When you work with Atlanta Special FX, you can trust that we will handle all aspects of the pyro flames, from design to setup to execution. Our...

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Cold Spark Fountains for Weddings and Live Events: A Guide to Renting the Best Machines in Atlanta

If you're looking to rent a cold spark fountain for your wedding or live event in Atlanta, look no further than Atlanta Special FX. Their machines are manufactured by Showven, a leading provider of special effects equipment, and are safe and reliable. With licensed, experienced, and insured operators, and all the necessary permits, you can be confident that your event will be a huge success. Whether you're looking to rent or purchase a cold spark fountain, Atlanta Special FX has you covered. Book now and add a touch of magic to your special event!

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