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CO2 Confetti Cannons may be rented online for a variety of events.

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Creative celebrations provide an extraordinary way to make a statement that fans will notice. Whereas, clapping or an airhorn might miss the mark of appreciation for a winning touchdown or a home run hit. Using CO2 Confetti Cannons is the ultimate way to celebrate a competitive victory or a major event. Atlanta Special FX is the leading manufacturer of CO2 Confetti Cannons within the United States.

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CO2 Cryo Jets for Football Games and Stadium Events

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Displaying CO2 special effects is a fantastic way to ignite the energy level at sporting events and other types of outdoor entertainment. While CO2 plumes are often seen in nightclubs, concerts, theatrical productions and television commercials, sports fans get excited when smoke appears near a football tunnel or during center field attractions. Learn how this attraction can help your organization. 

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CO2 Cryo Jets and Confetti - Not Just For EDM Anymore

Everyday, Atlanta Special FX manufactures tons of the best special effects equipment for parties, weddings, nightclubs, and even music events. Every machine we create always manages to awe and wow the crowds in various parties and special events. CO2 Cryo Jets are some of our more common products we carry, and with the power of carbon dioxide aiding the machinery, multiple visual effects can be accomplished. CO2 Cryo Jets are capable making spontaneous blasts of smoke. They require special industrial CO2 tanks, sometimes referred to as cryo gas cylinders. Hooking one up to the Cryo Jets allow for the effects...

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Start A Foam Party Rental Company Today - Make Extra Summer Cash With ATL SPECIAL FX®

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Have you ever wondered how to create an extra couple hundred dollars per week? Start a foam party rental company today, or add foam party machines to your current party rental equipment inventory and make secondary income.  Have you ever thought about how many birthdays there are in your town, even better your state? Well here at Atlanta Special FX® we have been helping families just like yourself start rental businesses and make 300-1000 per week additional income during the summer.  Over the last decade of Foam Party machine manufacturing we have worked to bring the price down lower each...

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There Is No Second Place! ATL SPECIAL FX® Is Pushing Harder Than You

How does a company that started in a garage, with no capital, no marketing, and no man power climb to the top?  It's easy they just worked harder for their customers than you did.  While most people are working 9-5, no weekends, settling for average life, the team at Atlanta Special FX was working double time.  If this motivates you then you are listening but while you are reading this, they are doing your job.  As you read, they are working!  At this very moment there is a team of people working to create new opportunities for their customers.  A...

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