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Renting Fog Machines for Haunted Attractions Creating Spooky Atmosphere

CO2 Jets Floating Clouds Fog Haunted Housed Ground Fog Halloween Special Effects Hazer Low Fog Renting Fog Machines smoke

Renting fog machines for haunted attractions can be a great way to create spooky atmospheres. Frightening backgrounds and chilling theatrical elements provide a horrific environment. Whether staging an indoor or an outdoor scene, darkness and low levels of visibility are ideal. Atlanta Special Effects is renting Fog Machines for special events, movie sets, music videos and for Halloween. About Fog Machines for Special Effects Fog Machines are perfect for creating mysterious atmospheric illusions. Although, there are a variety of models on the market to select, Atlanta Special Effects offers the most popular production models for creating just the right atmosphere....

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CO2 Jets Made in the United States Versus Imported Special Effects Equipment

Cheap CO2 Jets CO2 Equipment CO2 Jet CO2 Jets DMX Control CO2 Special Effects CO2 Tank Foreign CO2 Jets High-Quality Special Effects Equipment Rent CO2 Jet Special Effects Equipment

Foreign made components and devices are generally cheaper to make versus similar items that are manufactured in the United States. Consumers who are often shopping for the lowest priced items online may be disappointed with the quality of electronic items that are made abroad. Atlanta Special FX maintains the largest supply of CO2 Jets and CO2 Special Effects Equipment that are manufactured in the USA. Buy a High-Quality CO2 Jet Reliable CO2 Equipment is needed for heavy-duty usage. When deciding to buy a CO2 Jet, singers, DJs, comedians, club owners and professional sports teams should obtain high-quality products. When it...

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Creative Fan Zone Marketing Ideas Using Special Effects

Aerial Marketing CO2 Powered Streamer Cannons CO2 Powered Water Cannons CO2 Special Effects Equipment Fan Zone Fan Zone Marketing Ideas High-Pressure CO2 Jets Stadium Promotions

Exciting activities provide compelling reasons for fans to support local, regional and professional football teams. Whether the home team wins or loses the football game, attendees can still have a great time at the stadium. Atlanta Special FX works with coaches, athletic directors and marketing professionals to create fan zone ideas that generate additional revenue for the team.               Why Use Fan Zone Areas to Interact With Stadium Patrons? Due to travel time, lengthy entrance lines, concession purchases and other logistics that a fan tries to plan for may result in an early arrival...

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Fog Tunnel for Football Games

Best Guns Tunnel Smoke CO2 Cannons Football Games CO2 Gas CO2 Guns CO2 Guns Football Games CO2 Special Effects Equipment Dual HandHeld CO2 Cannon Fire Extinguishers Football Games Fog Tunnel Fog Tunnel CO2 Smoke Football Tunnel Smoke Tunnel Smoke Why CO2 Smoke

Pregame excitement prepares fans for a fun-filled event. Whether used for high school football games, college football games or for professional football games, special effects can immediately draw attention to the football tunnel or toward the center of the field. Atlanta Special FX generates very dense plumes of fog tunnel smoke for football games. Fog Tunnel CO2 Smoke A lot of activities are conducted to engage the crowd at local football games, such as routines from high-flying cheerleaders, performances from the band and interactions with the school’s mascot. Although, thunderous sounds from CO2 Special Effects Equipment and the creation of Fog...

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Cold Spark Fountains Are a Safe Alternative to Fireworks

Cold Spark Fountain Fireworks Alternative Safe Pyrotechnic Supplies Unique Special Effects Items

Pyrotechnic displays provide a vivid burst of colors and patterns that fans love to watch. However, heat and live flames can create a dangerous setting at a casual event. Atlanta Special FX offers a safer way to beautifully illuminate a room via a Cold Spark Fountain.   About Cold Spark Fountains for Special Effects   Incendiary sparklers are used at outdoor events to dazzle viewers. However, flammable pyrotechnic items are not recommended for indoor use. Cold Spark Fountains are safe for indoor and outdoor activities. As a unique special effects item, this product is non-flammable, free of foul odors and...

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