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Cryopyro Special Effects Equipment Used in Pizza Hut Commercial

CO2 Cryo Smoke CO2 Cryo Smoke High School Football Stadiums co2 smoke CO2 Special Effects Cryopyro Football Tunnel Smoke pyrotechnicians rent flame effects Sparkular Mini Cold Spark Units Sparkulars Special Effects Equipment Stadium Special Effects

CryoPyro® Football Tunnel Smoke and Pyro Special Effects are used to set the stage for a competitive event. When high-energy elements are present, players become very excited to reach the football field. To magnify the intensity, Atlanta Special FX used its Cryopyro Special Effects Equipment in this year’s Pizza Hut Football Commercial. What is Cryopyro? Developed by Atlanta Special FX, Cryopyro is a unique blend of CO2 Cryo-Smoke that is highlighted with various Pyrotechnic elements. As the CEO of Atlanta Special FX, Michael Willett procured the trademark for Cryopyro®. The technology is formulated to bring optimal levels of entertainment for...

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Rent Stadium Shot Streamer Cannons for Arena & Stadium Events

atlanta special fx confetti Corkscrew Streamers Rent Stadium Streamer Cannons Rent Streamer Cannons stadium shot Stadium Streamer Cannons Streamer Cannons

Atlanta Special FX rents Streamer Cannons for both indoor and outdoor stadium events.  Special Effects Equipment provide an extra layer of excitement at arena and stadium events. Whether used for EDM concerts, football games, track and field, baseball games or for other events, Stadium Streamer Cannons will command attention from all of the attendees.  Why Rent Air CO2 Streamer Cannons? Fans have come to expect dynamic forms of entertainment during the pregame, during the halftime and during other game-time breaks. In addition to a talented cheering squad and a great-sounding band, a stadium that features high-flying Streamer Cannons will keep...

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Goliath Confetti Cannon Featured For Shaquille O'Neal at Turner Studios

Custom Confetti Cannon Custom Special Effects Equipment Extended Confetti Fall Goliath Confetti Cannon Massive Confetti Cannon Reliable Confetti Cannons Special Effects Equipment

Basketball fans were excited to hear that Shaquille O’ Neal would be hosting the 2019 NBA Awards. To enhance the announcement, an extended display of special effects were performed at Turner Studios. Atlanta Special FX used its patented Goliath Confetti Cannon for the televised event. Preparing for the TurnerStudios Announcement Turner Studios hired Atlanta Special FX to provide a 30-second Confetti Fall.  The extended time frame required an abundance of Confetti that would last for the duration of the scene. To handle the request, our Goliath Confetti Cannon was featured for the event. We set up our Special Effects Equipment...

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Special Effects Company Donates CO2 Cryo Guns for Tunnel Smoke at Football Games

CO2 for Football Stadiums Co2 Guns CO2 Guns Football Special Effects CO2 Smoke for Football Games Double Nozzle CO2 Gun for Tunnel Smoke Football Tunnel Smoke Special Effects Football Stadium Tunnel Smoke for Football

Atlanta Special FX offers CO2 Cryo Fog Guns to organizations from little league teams to professional teams in the National Football League.  Football season begins with raving fans who have waited months for the sport to return. Prior to kickoff and during the game, special effects and other festivities are used to keep the fans excited.  Using CO2 Guns for Tunnel Smoke At the start of a football game, it is a big deal to ensure that players and fans are pumped up before the first quarter begins. Schools and athletic programs that use CO2 Guns for Tunnel Smoke are...

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Financing for Special Effects Equipment Like Pyro Flames and CO2 Jets

Affordable Special Effects Equipment Confetti Blasters Cryo Systems Custom CO2 Systems Financing Special Effects Equipment Pyro Systems

Financing is available for durable Special effects products that are made in the United States.High-quality Special Effects Equipment provides optimal output levels at large scale events.  Instead of resorting to companies that sell cheaply made devices, entertainment professionals can apply for equipment financing via Atlanta Special FX.  Reliable Touring Products Special Effects Items that are manufactured in our US-based warehouse are backed by a solid warranty. We are highly dedicated to craftsmanship, as our products are used toward enhancing a variety of lighting and visual effects for professional touring artists. Finding out that certain imported items are sub-par, during the middle...

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