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Unique Ideas for a Gender Reveal or Baby Shower Using Special Effects Rentals

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A celebration of life is a moment in time that everyone enjoys. Whether a mother is expecting to deliver a baby boy or a baby girl, the suspense of the child’s gender increases each day. A gathering of friends and family to host unique ideas for a baby shower or a gender announcement can provide a lot of excitement for the guests.

CO2 Jets for a Baby Shower

Beyond the standard baby shower that provides warm welcomes and gifts for a newborn, CO2 Jets can provide Special Effects to intensify the atmosphere.

Creative ideas can turn an ordinary baby shower into the most mentioned pre-birthday party in town.

For instance, each time that the mother-to-be opens a gift for the baby, a CO2 Jet may be launched via a DMX Controller to display a Cloud of CO2 Smoke.

Additionally, board games and other events are often held to make a baby shower more exciting. CO2 Jets can provide Special Effects to acknowledge the winner for certain games or activities.

CO2 Jets may also be used to celebrate the arrival of the mom, dad, grandparents or other family members.

Special Effects for a Gender Announcement

Oftentimes, family members and friends can hardly wait to learn about the gender of an expectant mom’s baby.

While a variety of theme-filled items that display pink or blue colors are used to symbolize a baby’s gender, Special Effects Equipment can amplify the level of excitement.

During the announcement for a gender reveal, CO2 Cannons, Confetti Blasters or CO2 Jets can disburse a feminine or a masculine color to signify that a mother is having a baby boy or a baby girl.

Our CO2 Cannons and CO2 Jets may be used to Blast Clouds of CO2 Smoke, while our Confetti Blasters can Shoot Mylar Streamers or Tissue Paper.

Baby Shower Ideas

When hosting a baby shower, several CO2 Special Effects Items can provide an element of surprise for the attendees.   

Whether the event is held in a hotel setting or within a family member’s backyard, unique baby shower ideas will feature eye-catching elements that attendees will always remember.

Atlanta Special FX is the leading manufacturer of High-Quality Special Effects Equipment that is made in the United States.

We conveniently ship CO2 Equipment and CO2 Supplies to US-based destinations.

Contact Atlanta Special FX today to inquire about creative ideas for memorable events. 

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