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CO2 Rental Equipment for Amazing Special Effects

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CO2 Special Effects Cyro and Cryo Jets

Special effects provide extraordinary elements for a live performance. When a concert promoter or a corporate marketing executive needs to capture a viewer’s attention, a visual illusion may be used to reel them inward. Atlanta Special FX maintains a complete line of CO2 Rental Equipment for all sorts of events.

Using CO2 Equipment for Entertainment

Many times, it’s the icing on the cake that makes the flavor complete. Similarly, CO2 Special Effects Equipment amplifies the entertainment level for an ordinary performance.

For instance, a musical production could feature a winter scene with snowflakes falling from above. Renting a CO2-powered Snow Machine would be ideal for a one-time use event.

Pool parties and backyard gatherings are highly desired during the summer months. Party planners can use CO2 Equipment for an infinite number of entertainment purposes.

Our CO2 Cold Water Cryo Cannon H2O Launcher is great for folks who want to experience the ultimate pool party.        

Backyard parties are ideal for showcasing Handheld CO2 Cryo Guns that people of all ages will enjoy.

Special Effects Lighting and CO2 Fog Machines may also be used to create an atmosphere that everyone remembers.

CO2 Rental Equipment for Local Festivals

DMX Controlled CO2 Jets are ideal for large-scale events, such as a local festival, community functions or for a premier concert. People love to view large Plumes of CO2 Smoke that may be synchronized to launch simultaneously from several CO2 Jets via DMX Controls.    

Order CO2 Rental Equipment Online for a Corporate Event

When planning a unique experience for a corporate event, organizers can Rent Affordable CO2 Equipment. 

Celebrating a stellar earnings report will never be quite the same after spearheading an event with CO2 Special Effects Equipment. 

Keeping employees energized ahead of a big announcement, to create the ultimate introduction for an employee of the month or to recognize the service of a retiree, our CO2 Confetti Cannons and CO2 Continuous Flow Streamer Cannons are perfect for the task.

Rather than purchasing and storing CO2 Equipment at a corporate facility, an order may be placed online to Rent Special Effects Equipment, as needed.

Additionally, it’s more cost effective to Rent CO2 Items that are displayed on this page and throughout our website for specific occasions versus buying more than a dozen pieces of equipment. 

We ship CO2 Rental Equipment to locations within the United States.

Contact Atlanta Special FX today to discuss creative ideas for an upcoming event.

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