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Special Effects Machine Sprinkles Confetti at the Atlanta Pride Parade

Bubble Fluid Bubble Machine CO2 Confetti Cannon CO2 Cryo Cannon Confetti Cannon Ideal Confetti Cannon Special Effects Equipment

Atlanta Special FX has provided Confetti for the Atlanta Pride Parade for the past three years. Parades provide an opportunity for participants to engage in a variety of shared interests. The Annual Atlanta Pride Festival and Parade is organized for the LGBTQ community. About the Atlanta Pride Festival and Parade The Stonewall Riots were instrumental in the formation of Atlanta Pride. About 300,000 patrons attend the event each year. While Atlanta Pride started in June to remember the Stonewall Uprisings that occurred in June of 1969, the event is now held every October.   Organized by the Atlanta Pride Committee,...

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CO2 Jets Featured in American Ninja Warrior Junior Videos

CO2 Jets CO2 Smoke Special Effects Equipment Theatrical Supplies

Recently, CO2 Jets from Atlanta Special FX were used to shoot promotional videos for the inaugural season of “American Ninja Warrior Junior.” Physical events that require exceptional skill and agility are fun to watch. CO2 special effects equipment add to the fun! From Olympic events to little league baseball, competitive sports provide an opportunity for kids to showcase their abilities.   About “American Ninja Warrior” Contest For the past 10 seasons, “American Ninja Warrior” has thrilled live audiences and television viewers. In a quest to reach the top of Mount Midoriyama, contestants meet in several cities to take on progressively...

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Fog Machines Used in Military Training and Fire Safety Academies

Fog Machine Safety fog machines Fog Machines Fire Training Fog Machines Military Training Smoke Machines Special Effects Equipment

Special effects equipment provides excitement for sporting events, nightclubs and for live performances. Although, a variety of devices may be used beyond entertainment purposes. Atlanta Special FX manufactures Fog Machines that are used for specialized types of training. Using Fog Machines in Fire Training Academies Instead of sending firefighters into a burning building during training exercises, it is much safer to simulate a live environment. A fog machine may be used to create dense levels of smoke that a trainee could encounter while in the field. There are many benefits to buying or renting a Fog Machine for fire safety...

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CO2 Jets Made in the United States Versus Imported Special Effects Equipment

Cheap CO2 Jets CO2 Equipment CO2 Jet CO2 Jets DMX Control CO2 Special Effects CO2 Tank Foreign CO2 Jets High-Quality Special Effects Equipment Rent CO2 Jet Special Effects Equipment

Foreign made components and devices are generally cheaper to make versus similar items that are manufactured in the United States. Consumers who are often shopping for the lowest priced items online may be disappointed with the quality of electronic items that are made abroad. Atlanta Special FX maintains the largest supply of CO2 Jets and CO2 Special Effects Equipment that are manufactured in the USA. Buy a High-Quality CO2 Jet Reliable CO2 Equipment is needed for heavy-duty usage. When deciding to buy a CO2 Jet, singers, DJs, comedians, club owners and professional sports teams should obtain high-quality products. When it...

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CO2 jets and CO2 cannons provide special effects for Pitbull and Blake Shelton show

2018 pendleton whiskey festival co2 confetti cannons co2 gas co2 jet co2 supplies Special Effects Equipment

CO2 Jets and Confetti Cannons Used for 2018 Pendleton Whiskey Music Fest  Dynamic entertainers can instantly connect with patrons who are eagerly waiting for a star-studded event to begin. Now imagine that the marquee for the show displays performances from Pitbull, Blake Shelton and other acts. Helping to improve the visuals for these industry icons, Atlanta Special FX provided multiple CO2 Jets and Confetti Cannons for the 2018 Pendleton Whiskey Musical Fest.  Presenting an Event With Different Musical Styles  Offering a show with unique performers can attract fans with a variety of musical interests. On July 14, 2018, concertgoers at...

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