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Making a Grand Entrance Onto the Basketball Court With CO2 Smoke

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CO2 Fog Smoke For NBA and WNBA Team IntrosBasketball arenas are equipped with a variety of high-tech items to keep the fans entertained. While fans will focus a lot of attention on the scoreboard and the center of the court, it is a thrilling experience to hear the player introductions prior to the start of the game. Atlanta Special FX provides CO2 Smoke for basketball entrances that excites the audience.

Professional Player Introductions in the National Basketball Association

The NBA has a ceremonious introduction that announces a player’s name as he approaches the basketball court. Typically, a designated pathway for a player leads from the locker room to the entrance of the court. As the player enters the court, spotlights, music and special sound effects are used to amplify his introduction for the game.

CO2 Special Effects for Basketball Entrances

Electrifying sports, such as football, basketball, soccer and hockey usually have raving fans who cannot wait for the game to begin. CO2 Special Effects may be used to mask a player’s entrance point onto the court. Read More Here

However, fans become ecstatic when a player runs through the CO2 Smoke to prepare for the game.

In addition to a competitive matchup, fans are just as excited about the ambiance that is felt at live basketball games versus watching the game at home. Large bursts of CO2 Special Effects for basketball entrances provides a mystical level of suspense for fans who are eager for their favorite players to appear.  

CO2 Special Effects Equipment 

We offer a complete line of CO2 Special Effects Equipment. Each item provides a specific Special Effects feature. 

For instance, our Double-Nozzle CO2 Guns are ideal for basketball entrances. During a halftime show, our CO2 Cannons may be used to accent any type of performance. 

To celebrate a victory, a player’s induction into the Hall of Fame or to celebrate a championship game, our CO2 Confetti Cannons are sure to gain the crowd’s attention.    

Order CO2 Supplies and CO2 Gas for Basketball Entrances

When it’s game time, season ticket holders and other fans in attendance may appear highly focused on player entrance areas of the court.

Having high-quality CO2 Equipment and CO2 Supplies will keep the fan’s energy level upbeat. 

We provide affordable CO2 Gas rates and CO2 Supplies that we ship to basketball arenas throughout the United States.

Our team members are kind, courteous and available to provide consultation for sporting events or for theatrical productions.

Contact Atlanta Special FX for more information or to Order CO2 Special Effects Equipment online.

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