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Rent CO2 Special Effects and Pregame Party Supplies For Sporting Events

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CO2 Cryo Fog For Football Team Intro

Every visit to a professional sports stadium sets the stage for a historic event. When visiting a stadium to watch a competitive football game, baseball game or a soccer game, fans should have a memorable experience. Atlanta Special FX is a leading provider of Pregame Party Supplies and CO2 Equipment for many professional organizations, such as the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and NASCAR.

Best Pregame Party Supplies

Party supplies are frequently ordered to elevate the excitement level for an event. Marketing professionals understand the value of maintaining an upbeat environment for a sports event. While a team’s owner and coach are largely focused on winning a competitive event, marketers are focused on the experience for attendees.

Wedding Fireworks Package Party Supplies

The best Pregame Party Supplies for a stadium event should command a lot of attention. Using CO2 Cannons and CO2 Confetti Blasters to kickoff an event or to celebrate a victory can build a ton of engagement with the attendees.

Win or lose, fans who enjoyed the stadium festivities are more likely to return for future games, and to tell their friends, family members and coworkers about the experience.



CO2 Special Effects for Baseball Stadiums

CO2 confetti for Chicago Cubs Baseball

While end zone Pregame Special Effects are performed in many NFL stadiums, MLB fans can also enjoy CO2 Special Effects for Baseball Stadiums. 

A Custom CO2 System that is operated via a DMX Controller may be used to launch Large Plumes of CO2 Smoke during a team’s introduction, when a player hits a home run or whenever the home team scores.

Additional excitement may be provided with a CO2-Powered T-Shirt Cannon Launcher that shoots MLB gear into the stands.

T shirt cannon special effects for baseball

Creative forms of engagement at baseball stadiums may be used to improve a team’s attendance record and its revenue.

However, it is wise to avoid low-quality Special Effects Items that might misfire or consistently underperform.

Atlanta Special FX is a trusted manufacturer of High-Quality CO2 Equipment and Pregame Party Supplies.

Buy or Rent CO2 Special Effects Equipment Online

For a backyard event, a local party store might stock the items that a homeowner needs.

Although, it is typically too expensive for local retailers to maintain a complete line of high-performance equipment.

CO2 Special Effects Equipment for baseball stadiums may be purchased or rented online via our website.

As the top manufacturer of CO2 Equipment and CO2 Supplies in the US, Atlanta Special FX offers expedited shipping services to customers throughout the United States.

Use our contact form to submit an inquiry for Pregame Party Supplies and Special Effects Equipment.

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