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Exciting Ways to Use CO2 Special Effects Equipment for Soccer Matches

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Special Effects CO2 Fog For Soccer Soccer matches are filled with an enormous amount of excitement and Special Effects increase the energy to the next level. With a following that includes approximately 3.5 billion fans, soccer (association football) is recognized as the world’s most popular sport. Atlanta Special FX provides affordable CO2 Equipment for soccer matches.  

Celebrate Every Goal With Professional CO2 Equipment

As fans are watching players kick the soccer ball up and down the field, the excitement builds for offensive and defensive strategies.   

Whenever the ball gets past the goalie and a point is scored, a CO2 Jet or a CO2 Cannon may be fired remotely via DMX Controls. Fans for the team that scores a point will love to view the CO2 Special Effects and supporters for the opposing team may also admire the CO2 Smoke.

Professional CO2 Equipment may be used for visual effects and to provide a mist that cools off soccer players who might be overheated.   

Buy CO2 Special Effects Equipment for Soccer Matches

Owning CO2 Equipment enables an athletic director to schedule a variety of activities that fans can watch before the start of a competitive soccer match. CO2 Smoke may also be used to celebrate the winning team.

Our team can travel to set up and install a Custom CO2 System for a soccer field.

Financing is available for high schools, colleges and for professional soccer teams who want to buy CO2 Special Effects Equipment.

Rent CO2 Equipment Online 

Rental options are available online for CO2 Jets, CO2 Cannons, CO2 Handguns and other CO2 Items. If a soccer organization plans to provide Special Effects during championship matches, affordable rental terms may be more ideal. 

Atlanta Special FX ships CO2 Rental Equipment to destinations within the United States. We can ship items to a team’s primary facility or to locations where upcoming soccer matches will be held.


Soccer is a rugged sport that relies upon durable equipment. We manufacture CO2 Special Effects Products that withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. All of our products are backed by an unmatched guarantee of customer satisfaction.

Through our sister company, CO2 Masters, we can also supply CO2 Gas and CO2 Tanks for Turf Striping Machines. We can ship CO2 Gas to any location within the US. 

Inquiries for CO2 Gas or CO2 Equipment for soccer matches may be submitted online via our Online Contact form. 

Contact Atlanta Special FX today at (888) 664-0097 to discuss some of the best Special Effects for soccer matches.

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