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Rent a Party Bubble Machine or Pyrotechnic Items for Alternative Types of Fun

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Backyard Foam Bubble Party During Covid 19Pandemic conditions can cause life-altering situations for people who are rarely at home. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus COVID-19, staying at home more often is necessary to help reduce the chance of becoming sick or spreading the virus. Atlanta Special FX Rents Party Bubble Machines and Pyrotechnic Items to help families deal with boredom.  We are still open and renting equipment to all 50 states.   

Social Distancing to Fight the Coronavirus

Local authorities outline a variety of guidelines that are intended to help safeguard the overall health of the general public. 

Due to the Coronavirus having airborne transmission features, many medical experts suggest keeping a safe distance of six feet or more from others, while shopping or visiting public places.

When people gather within close proximity, the opportunity to shake hands, hug, or to come in contact with a person who coughs or sneezes increases.

Keeping a safe distance from others is a responsible way to limit the spread of the virus.

Coronavirus Blues? 

Atlanta Special FX provides Party Supplies, CO2 Guns, Foam Party Bubble Machines, Confetti Blasters, Fog Machines and other types of Special Effects Equipment for some of the most recognized artists in the world.

Therefore, helping folks with home entertainment is not a problem!

When everything is closed, such as schools, gyms, beaches, parks, bars and local shopping centers, getting creative is essential to a home-life balance.

We manufacture and ship items from our complete product line of CO2 Equipment, CO2 Gas, Bubble Makers and Water Cannons. We also sell and rent a variety of Pyrotechnic Items.

Rent a Party Bubble Machine

Party Bubble Machines provide loads of fun for folks of all ages. Whether the birthday party is for a toddler, a senior citizen or for anyone in between those age groups, a Giant Bubble Maker has some serious output. 

Participants can enjoy playing with bubbles from a distance of six feet or more.

Atlanta Special FX Sells and Rents Party Bubble Machines that are made in the United States.

Rent Pyro Equipment


We Rent Pyrotechnic Equipment to consumers in the US. 

Pyro Items, such as a Cold Spark Fountain or Shoven Circle Flamer can attract a lot of excitement from viewers.

Special Effects Items that display Fire and bright Flames will provide amazing visuals for a birthday party or for some excitement in the neighborhood.

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that folks should avoid places with more than 10 people, alternative types of fun might provide some relaxation for a local community. 

For instance, a homeowner can Rent a Shoven Circle Flamer to set up in a cul-de-sac or a field that enables kids and their family members to enjoy the entertainment from a safe distance.

Contact Atlanta Special FX about getting a Foam Party Bubble Machine or Pyro Items for an upcoming event. 

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