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Custom CO2 Jets Blast Stunning Cryo Fog for UGA Basketball

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College basketball games are among the most exciting types of events to watch. However, at the University of Georgia, fans will be able to see the latest visual enhancements for the pregame festivities. Atlanta Special FX provides Custom CO2 Jets for UGA basketball games.

Double CO2 Jets Installed at the University of Georgia

To provide additional excitement before a game begins, Atlanta Special FX has fabricated plates to fit onto the basketball goals at the University of Georgia. 

The custom plates contain a Mounted CO2 Jet, a DMX Relay and a red LED Par.

DMX Controls are used to remotely fire the CO2 Jets from the scorer’s table. 

When a player’s name is announced for the game, a red burst of CO2 Smoke exits the CO2 Jet.

The CO2 Special Effects may have provided some good fortune for the Georgia Bulldogs - Men’s Basketball Team, as they are ranked number one in the Southeastern Conference. 

The team is sporting an undefeated record of four wins and zero losses (4-0) during the 2019-2020 season. Since Atlanta Special FX installed the Custom CO2 Jets to kickstart each pregame, the Georgia Bulldogs - Men’s Basketball Team has not lost a single game.

Additionally, the Georgia Bulldogs - Women’s Basketball Team is off to a great start, too.

After compiling an overall record of 18 wins and 12 losses during the 2018-2019 season, the UGA Women’s Basketball Team currently has a record of three wins and only one loss since the CO2 Jets were designed to uplift the atmosphere and the energy that surrounds the court.

CO2 Special Effects Equipment for Basketball Pregame Events

For a fun-filled pregame event at a basketball game, an athletic director can add a variety of CO2 Special Effects and Lighting Elements to give the fans more to cheer about.

Whether using Custom CO2 Jets for basketball goals or blasting CO2 Smoke at player entrances to energize the fans, Atlanta Special FX offers products for colleges and for professional teams to delight attendees who are visiting or showing support for the home team. 

Ordering CO2 Equipment for Basketball Games

Giving fans a boost prior to the start of a basketball game is a great way to begin the event. Ordering Custom CO2 Equipment and CO2 Jets that will Blast CO2 Smoke that matches a school’s colors is a great way to build engagement with the fans and to motivate the players.

Contact Atlanta Special FX today about adding CO2 Smoke at basketball player entrances or to get custom CO2 Jets for basketball goals.

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