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Custom CO2 System for Georgia Power’s Arc in a Box is Used for Safety Training

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Electricity provides useful benefits to power a variety of everyday needs. However, in a hazardous setting, electricity can cause plenty of property damages and life-threatening injuries. Atlanta Special FX manufactured a Custom CO2 System for Georgia Power employees to prepare for an arc in a box.

What is an Arc in a Box?

An arc is often caused by an unstable electrical flow. 

Wires that are damaged, loose or frayed may lead to arc within an electrical box, panel or a cabinet.  The Arc can also be caused by installing the incorrect meter in the meter base, resulting in an instant meltdown. 

Preparing for an Arc in a Box

Arc In The Box Training Simulator For Georgia PowerArc flash hazard recognition could save the life of an electrical worker. Knowing what types of conditions to lookout for and how to safely respond is extremely important.  To help Georgia Power simulate a faulty power meter installation that could lead to an arc in the box, Atlanta Special FX provided a Custom CO2 Design for the training center.

Now, electrical workers can prepare for arching conditions via training that occurs in a safe environment. 

Designing a Custom CO2 System for Georgia Power’s Training Center 

Georgia Power had a goal to simulate a realistic environment for an arc in a box at its training center. 

After consulting with the creative design team at Atlanta Special FX, the idea became a reality. We built a Custom CO2 System to meet the safety training needs for Georgia’s largest energy supplier.

Our team provided all of the circuitry and the relay system to manufacture the PCB boards specifically for this project. 

Using one of our branded Single-Nozzle CO2 Jets that we manufacture in the United States, a Safe-Spark Generator and an LED Light Strip that is DMX Controlled, we created a Custom Special Effects item that enhances the level of Georgia Power’s arc in a box safety training.

The Custom CO2 System was designed and manufactured to enable Georgia Power to control the sequence, timing and the intensity of the lights, during a simulated arc in a box training exercise.

A fake arc is created when the PCB Board starts a sequence to warm up TI Composite Granules that are within a Shoven Cold Spark Unit. After sparks are emitted, a CO2 Cryo Cannon blasts a puff of Cold Cryogenic Smoke and the LED Lights flicker and flash bright red and orange to simulate the arc in a box.

Order Customized CO2 Special Effects Equipment Online

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