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Do Showven Cold Spark Units Produce Any Smoke For Indoor Pyro?

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showven sparkular cold spark machineDo Showven Sparkular cold spark machines give off smoke?  The answer is below. Innovative special effects can deliver more excitement than fans anticipate. However, ordinary pyrotechnic items might fizzle out very quickly. Atlanta Special FX uses Cold Spark Units to overwhelm fans at weddings, festivals and other events. 

About Showven Sparkular Cold Spark Units

As a very unique Special Effects Item, the Showven Sparkler provides amazing Pyro visuals without the safety concerns that are associated with live flames or fireworks. 

This cool spark technology uses titanium composites that are heated and blown into the air to display glowing orange sparks. 

Although, the Showven Sparkular Cold Spark Machine reflects a dazzling display of sparks, viewers would be surprised to know that the sparks cool off prior to hitting the ground.

Do Cold Flame Sparklers Have Smoke?

The answer is - No.

Interestingly, there is no ignition point and nothing flammable, so the units do not produce smoke or residue.  They are extremely safe for indoor pyro shows and do not require disabling the smoke detection system.

Cold Spark Units have revolutionized the way that sparks are generated for Pyro and Special Effects performances. 

Can the Cold Spark Unit be Used Indoors?


The unit is super easy to set up and it is safe for indoor and outdoor use.

Are Permits Required to Operate Cold Spark Units?

The Spark technology simplified the need for permits, where smoke alarms are concerned, because Cold Spark Machines do not produce any smoke.  Although there is much controversy over the safety requirements for these units if our team provides technicians, then yes these fall under NFPA 1160.  Please check with your state and local authorities 

Buy or Rent a Shoven Sparkular Cold Spark Unit Online?

Great for formal occasions, weddings, proms, anniversaries, parties and corporate events, the Showven Sparkular Cold Spark Unit is available for rent or purchase.

Unique Special Effects Items can elevate the ambiance level for any type of event.

The orange glowing sparks that the unit produces will excite viewers and create a focal point that people will talk about. 

Atlanta Special FX ships Cold Spark Units and other supplies throughout the United States.

As a specialty item that we recommend, users can expect the machine to provide a high-quality visual display, and for it to perform as we have described.

Our team members can provide helpful tips and insight to help wedding planners or event planners arrange the ideal mix of Special Effects Items for a memorable occasion.

Contact Atlanta Special FX today for more details about Shoven Sparkular Cold Spark Units, CO2 Equipment, CO2 Gas and other CO2 Supplies.

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