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Create Parade Magic and Holiday Excitement With CO2 Special Effects Equipment

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Confetti Streamers Tissue PaperHolidays are the perfect time to plan a memorable celebration. Whether held in a theater, a park, a stadium or a corporate setting, holiday festivities are a great way to engage with friends and family members. Atlanta Special FX manufactures and ships CO2 Special Effects Equipment within the United States.

Give the Crowd a Blast With CO2-Powered Confetti Cannons

People love to see confetti falling from the sky. 

High-powered CO2 Confetti Cannons can blast Streamers and Tissue Paper into the air that twirls in a beautiful motion towards the ground.

The vivid Mylar Products add to the excitement that folks do not get to see everyday.

Confetti Cannons and Streamer Shooters are ideal for indoor use or for outdoor events. 

Deliver Large Bursts of Smoke With Professional CO2 Jets

Use dependable CO2 Jets that the pros rely on for high-energy performances and for engaging the audience. 

Sending large Plumes of towering CO2 Smoke into the air via DMX controls will attract attention from everyone in the crowd. 

Our Professional CO2 Jets will generate a “wow” factor at parades, holiday celebrations and at other festive events.

Showcase a Cryo-Pyro Special Effects Performance for the Holidays

For an enormous response from the crowd, a Cryo-Pyro Special Effects Performance will uplift the energy for any audience.

Using a patented process to combine best-in-class elements of CO2 Cryo-Smoke and Pyrotechnic Equipment, our Special Effects Team can stage a masterful performance for holiday events.

CO2 Equipment for Special Occasions

Unique types of CO2 Equipment can dazzle viewers during  special occasions.

For instance, we manufacture and supply Low-Fog producing CO2 Equipment, Cold-Fog Systems and Unique Lighting Elements for Halloween or for theatrical productions.

Also, we rent Hazer machines for Unique Holiday Special Effects.

Our Artificial Snow Machines are used to create realistic indoor and outdoor holiday displays. 

We rent and sell Fake Snow-Making Equipment to movie producers, property management companies and to shopping mall owners. 

Additionally, we sell High-Quality Snow Fluid that is eco-friendly.

Order CO2 Special Effects Equipment for the Holidays 

Creating magical moments for a local parade, a homecoming celebration or for the holidays could provide an unexpected level of excitement for attendees. 

Placing an online order to purchase or to rent CO2 Equipment is extremely easy and convenient. 

Our staff will accurately package and promptly ship CO2 Equipment, CO2 Supplies and CO2 Gas to any destination in the United States. 

Contact Atlanta Special FX about renting or buying CO2 Equipment.

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