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CO2 Water Cannons and Rain Machines Used for Carolina Hurricanes Video

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Digital imagery provides an opportunity to showcase dynamic content for viewers. When a video involves high-impact sports, fans become eager to see the finished product. Atlanta Special FX used its CO2 Water Cannons to film intro videos for the Carolina Hurricanes hockey team.

Special Effects Equipment for Filming the Carolina Hurricanes Video

Atlanta Special FX has a team of creative professionals who consult, design and organize live theatrical elements for motion pictures and for action-packed videos.

On September 10, 2019, we provided the Special Effects Equipment that was needed for creative video scenes at PNC Arena, in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

To film intro videos for the Carolina Hurricanes hockey team, we used our patented CO2-Powered Water Cannons and our Special Effects Rain Machine to simulate the waterfall from an actual hurricane. 

We also incorporated Special Effects Fans and debris to simulate an environment with swirling wind.

The overall production was fantastic, and we collaborated with Elite Edge Production to make the project a success.

Using our CO2 Water Cannons and our Special Effects Rain Machine, Elite Edge Entertainment recently won the best NFL football team intro video with the Seattle Seahawks. 

Hiring Special Effects Professionals for a Video Shoot

Time and money are extremely valuable when shooting a video for a professional event.  Working with a knowledgeable Special Effects Team could lead to a smooth production versus a disastrous occasion.

A professional video shoot is the wrong place to learn about the precision and timing that it takes to coordinate high-powered Special Effects Products.  

Members of our Special Effects Team are available to travel throughout the United States to set up and to operate CO2 Cannons, Rain Machines, Hazers, Fog Machines, Stage Lighting, CO2 Cannons, Pyro Flames, Snow Machines and other Special Effects Items.

Our reputation and expertise has led to consistent projects with NHL teams, NCAA football teams, NFL teams, MLB teams, Nascar teams, college basketball teams, bowl games, high school championships and other events.

Frequently, we are hired to provide theatrical elements for promotional videos, intro videos and for pregame festivities.

Order CO2 Water Cannons for Outdoor Events

While our CO2-Powered Water Cannons were used to film intro videos for the Carolina Hurricanes hockey team, the equipment may also be used for a festival or for a pool party.

Have a blast by ordering CO2 Water Cannons and other Special Effects items for an outdoor event.

Contact Atlanta Special FX today about purchasing or renting Special Effects Equipment.

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