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Cryopyro Special Effects Equipment Used in Pizza Hut Commercial

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CryoPyro® Football Tunnel Smoke and Pyro Special Effects are used to set the stage for a competitive event. When high-energy elements are present, players become very excited to reach the football field. To magnify the intensity, Atlanta Special FX used its Cryopyro Special Effects Equipment in this year’s Pizza Hut Football Commercial.

CryoPyro CO2 Jets and Flames For Football Team Walk Out

What is Cryopyro?

Developed by Atlanta Special FX, Cryopyro is a unique blend of CO2 Cryo-Smoke that is highlighted with various Pyrotechnic elements. As the CEO of Atlanta Special FX, Michael Willett procured the trademark for Cryopyro®. The technology is formulated to bring optimal levels of entertainment for team tunnel smoke.

As the company continues its mission to provide the best CO2 Tunnel Smoke for high schools, colleges and for professional football teams, players and fans will enjoy the addition of bold Pyro items, too.

Cryopyro Used in Pizza Hut Commercial

To kickoff its promotions for the 2019-2020 football season, Pizza Hut hired Atlanta Special FX to provide CO2 Cryo-Smoke and Pyrotechnic Items in a new commercial

Filmed at the Georgia State University Football Stadium, the commercial featured four Single-Nozzle CO2 Cryo Cannons and Sparkular-Mini Cold-Spark units.

While our Special Effects Items are fantastic for sports promotions, Pizza Hut and other corporations also receive value-added benefits toward stronger branding initiatives.

Cryopyro for Stadium Special Effects

Whether used for professional football team entrances or for high school stadiums, Cryopyro will delight the players and excite the fans. 

This new Special Effects combination will dramatically raise the excitement level and remind fans, where there is Smoke, there is also Fire -- Cryopryo.

Although, CO2 Smoke has been widely used in Football Tunnels, Cryopryo is ideal for special performances, announcements, pregame and half-time shows.

Stadium Special Effects will never be the same with Cryopyro. Fans will be eager to watch vibrant Sparkulars and other Pyro Items that are integrated with CO2 Guns or CO2 Cryo Cannons. 

Ordering Cryopyro Services

Athletic directors who want increased attendance and greater crowd engagement at football games are encouraged to hire experienced professionals. 

We take extreme precautionary measures to ensure that safe operating procedures are followed.  

Our trained team of Special Effects Experts travel throughout the United States to provide showstopping visual displays. This season we will be appearing at high school championship events, college bowl games and at professional football arenas.

Contact Atlanta Special FX to inquire about Cryopyro Services for sports events or for corporate marketing ideas.

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