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Pyrotechnic Special Effects for Concerts and Sporting Events

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Pyrotechnic special effects and Live Flames are used to showcase a variety of Special Effect Looks. Whether featured at a popular concert or at a highly anticipated sporting event, Pyrotechnics offer a unique way to surprise the fans. Atlanta Special FX is on a mission to provide unmatched entertainment resources for concerts, stadiums and festivals. 

Pyrotechnic Displays at Football Games  

When attendees arrive at a football game to cheer for their favorite team, a lot of action is expected to take place. However, instead of viewing players who arrive via a gloomy team entrance, live Flames may spark all sorts of emotions.

Pyro Flames that are near stadium entrance points or near a football tunnel could set the stage to resemble a coliseum battle or Olympic torches.

Pregame Pyrotechnic displays at football games offer an incredible way to connect with the crowd, while the competing teams are preparing for the matchup. 

Special Effects and Pyrotechnics for Concerts

Concert patrons are used to seeing Plumes of Smoke from Special Effects Equipment, such as CO2 Cannons and CO2 Blasters. Lighting elements are frequently seen at concerts, too. Although, watching a star-studded performer approach the stage through an entrance point that has live Pyro Flames would be unexpected, yet a pleasant surprise.

Giving concertgoers a few special moments to remember and something to talk about might be instrumental toward future ticket sales.

A concert or a festival that features glowing Pyro Flames can create the perfect ambiance level for a featured event

Hiring a Pyrotechnics Company for Sporting Events or Live Performances

Pyro Flames Football Sporting EventsDue to the potential hazards that may occur with Pyro Supplies, stadium employees who are not trained to use Pyrotechnic Equipment should refrain from handling live Flames at crowded events.  Our Pyrotechnic Team members are trained to safely perform Special Effects Displays with live Flames. 

When Pyro Services are needed for Bowl Games, High School Championships or to enhance the appeal of an ordinary football game, our Pyro Team travels throughout the Unites States to provide amazing Special Effects Displays.

Using an array of Pyro Equipment, such as Torches, Cold Spark Fountains and the Showven Circle Flamer, we brighten the setting for stadiums, concerts and other venues.

For the ultimate level of entertainment, we offer a combined service package that incorporates Pyrotechnic Services and CO2 Special Effects Equipment.

Contact Atlanta Special FX today for more information about Professional Stadium Entertainment Services.  

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