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Special Effects Company Donates CO2 Cryo Guns for Tunnel Smoke at Football Games

CO2 for Football Stadiums Co2 Guns CO2 Guns Football Special Effects CO2 Smoke for Football Games Double Nozzle CO2 Gun for Tunnel Smoke Football Tunnel Smoke Special Effects Football Stadium Tunnel Smoke for Football

Atlanta Special FX offers CO2 Cryo Fog Guns to organizations from little league teams to professional teams in the National Football League.  Football season begins with raving fans who have waited months for the sport to return. Prior to kickoff and during the game, special effects and other festivities are used to keep the fans excited.  Using CO2 Guns for Tunnel Smoke At the start of a football game, it is a big deal to ensure that players and fans are pumped up before the first quarter begins. Schools and athletic programs that use CO2 Guns for Tunnel Smoke are...

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Financing for Special Effects Equipment Like Pyro Flames and CO2 Jets

Affordable Special Effects Equipment Confetti Blasters Cryo Systems Custom CO2 Systems Financing Special Effects Equipment Pyro Systems

Financing is available for durable Special effects products that are made in the United States.High-quality Special Effects Equipment provides optimal output levels at large scale events.  Instead of resorting to companies that sell cheaply made devices, entertainment professionals can apply for equipment financing via Atlanta Special FX.  Reliable Touring Products Special Effects Items that are manufactured in our US-based warehouse are backed by a solid warranty. We are highly dedicated to craftsmanship, as our products are used toward enhancing a variety of lighting and visual effects for professional touring artists. Finding out that certain imported items are sub-par, during the middle...

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Double Nozzle CO2 Jets Featured at EpiCenter Music Festival

CO2 for Music Festivals CO2 For Sporting Events CO2 Special Effects Equipment Double Nozzle CO2 Jets Help With Special Effects motionless in white Pyro Pyro Special Effects for Festivals Pyro Technicians Special Effects for Music Festivals

  Action packed music festivals give fans a reason to cheer. Recently, Motionless In White thrilled a packed crowd at the EpiCenter in Rockingham, North Carolina. For the rock band’s Special Effects Equipment, Atlanta Special FX used Double Nozzle CO2 Jets and Pyro Flames.   Inaugural Rock ‘N’ Roll Music Festival  On May 10th, 11th and 12th in Rockingham, North Carolina, the EpiCenter hosted its first Rock “N’ Roll music festival in 2019. Korn, Judas Priest, Foo Fighters, 311, Tool, The Cult, Vein and Motionless In White were some of the Rock ‘N’ Roll bands that performed at the EpiCenter. ...

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Introducing the Goliath Confetti Cannon

Arena co2 confetti cannon confetti confetti blaster Festival Goliath Confetti Cannon Goliath Confetti Cannons Mylar Special Effects Equipment Stadium Confetti Cannon streamers Tissue

The Goliath Stadium Confetti Cannons Simplifies Big Confetti.  For many years, entertainment professionals have searched to find a Confetti Blaster that delivers powerful aerial bursts. Whether using Mylar, Streamers or Tissue, a reliable Stadium Confetti Cannon should be used to fill a local arena. Atlanta Special FX has designed, built and obtained a patent on the Goliath Confetti Cannon. CO2 Powered Confetti Cannon for Maximum Stadium Coverage When an event organizer expects a large crowd to attend a concert or a local festival, a super-sized Confetti Cannon is needed to deliver plenty of Streamers and Confetti. Our CO2-Powered Goliath Confetti...

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Special Effects Were Used to Amplify Performances at Coachella 2019

co2 cryo jet Coachella 2019 Fog and Smoke ground fog Kid Cudi lsg moonman props pyrotecnico smoke special effects Special Effects Lasers and Lights

Atlanta Special FX collaborated with several production companies to help deliver outstanding performances at Coachella 2019. Legendary festivals often attract some of the most iconic artists in the music business. Fans from around the world were in attendance to experience Coachella 2019.  About Coachella As a 20-year old festival that is set in Indio, California, Coachella showcases a wide genre of music, such as EDM, hip-hop, rock and pop music. There were six different areas for attendees to stop and listen to performances from various artists. Coachella also offers a variety of activities for attendees to enjoy. In addition to musical...

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