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Do It Yourself (DIY) Special Effects Using Cryogenic CO2 and ATL Speical FX® American Made Equipment

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ATL Special FX® Lets you Do It Yourself Special Effects

Are you one of those people that loves to tinker with things around the house? Do you love putting things together on your own?  Are you one of those people that also loves to create your own stuff at home and would love to create smoke special effects, snow special effects, fog special effects, bubbles special effects, foam special effects or even shoot your own colorful UV Neon Paint and have your own paint party in your backyard?  Do you love to entertain your guests and always love to have a good time with food, music and people but need more party equipment?

Party Smoke Special Effects Cryo Jets and CO2 Confetti Party Cannons From ATL Special FX.gif
Co2 Special Cryogenic Theatrical Smoke Effects Party Stage Equipment from ATL Special FX.gif

Atlanta Special FX® lets you create your own co2 atmospheric special effects like they do at famous nightclubs and music festivals and DJ concerts around the world.  The use of CO2 Cryogenic Gas to create awesome plumes of co2 atmospheric special effects requires specialised equipment that can withstand high amounts of pressurized gas and also withstand sub zero temperatures. Atlanta Special FX® has over 50 years experience in manufacturing equipment and together with our party and stage production experience has given insight into creating only the best and most dependable special effects equipment in the world.

Music Festival and Nightclub DJ Party Smoke Special Effects Co2 Jets and Confetti Blasters from ATL Special FX.gif

The use of CO2 Cryogenic Liquid Gas has gone mainstream and has proven popular at nightclubs and in the entertainment industry because of the awesome plumes of white colorful plumes of special theatrical effects smoke that look similar to pyrotechnics when combined with the stage lighting and other special effects elements.   CO2 special Effects is a lot cheaper to create than pyrotechnics.  Because of its ease of use and because it can be easily used indoors without triggering smoke alarms or even requiring a permit to operate in most states in the USA and in most countries around the world CO2 is used in nightclubs and other indoor venues.  
CO2 Atmospheric Special Effects Stage Equipment from ATL Special FX.gif

Pyrotechnics require professional installers and handlers that are trained in explosions and essentially a permit or license is required to handle and use  pyrotechnics or any kind of fire special effects.   The use of Liquid Cryogenic CO2 however is cheap, abundant and Atlanta Special FX® can  supply unlimited amounts of cryogenic special effects gas for your event or concert anywhere in the USA.
Party Special Effects Equipment  Co2 Cryo Jets  Confetti cannons  fog machines   foam machines   bubble machines   ATL Special FX 2 336x280 large rectangle 4.jpg

Stage Production Music Festival Video Production Visual Effects Movie Special Effects Smoke Jets from ATL Special FX.gif

Now just about anyone can bring home the same professional party and stage special effects equipment and entertain their guests and party crowd the same way the professionals do it at famous music festivals and nightclubs around the world.  Our Party and Co2 Atmospheric Special Effects equipment has been used again and again in World Tours and literally will not stop working throughout your whole party or musical theatrical performance.  Music Recording Companies and Movie production companies love our visual effects equipment and now we offer the same reliable, dependable equipment and the most affordable prices.

Nightclub and DJ Party Smoke CO2 Cryo Jets from ATL Special FX.gif

Over the years we have watched companies come and go attempting to sell foreign made CO2 jets labeled as their own.  This has caused quite a bit of confusion amongst new customers who don't yet understand the properties of CO2 special fx products, and the importance of having trusted manufactures here in the United States.  When searching CO2 Jet, you may have seen names that cause confusion.  

In today's marketplace of special effects for DJ's, Nightclubs, and Sports Teams you may have seen terms used CO2 Jet Blaster, Cryo Jet, C02 Jet, and Handheld Cryo Gun.  So there is a difference between all the names used and here are a couple of tips to help ensure you are purchasing quality special effects equipment manufactured for using liquid siphon CO2 cryo cylinder tanks.  

DJ Stage Production Special Smoke Effecs Jets and Co2 Guns from Atlanta Special FX.gif

Party and DJ Music Artist Theatrical Cryogenic Special Effects Co2 Jets From Atl Special FX.gif

There are essentially two types of CO2 cryo products, portable special effect equipment and stage mounted special effect party equipment.  The portable CO2 gun or Cryo Gun is the one you see an individual holding and spraying white CO2 fog into the crowd.  These units do not require any power and are manually operated by squeezing a valve to release the liquid CO2.  The mounted CO2 Jets are products that you see mounted to the front of stages, on trusses, on the side of buildings, and more.  These units do require power and are generally fired with DMX, Relay, or Simple On/Off switch.  You can also you push button control boxes.  Please note all the products fall under special effects category and are used for special fx only.

Co2 Special Effects Equipment Jets and Guns let you create awesome plumes of co2 cryo theatrical smoke fx.gif

CO2 Atmospheric Special Effects Equipment and Party Special Effects Made in the USA by ATL Special FX bali-gallery-11.jpg

Co2 Atmospheric Special Effects Company ATL Special FX Manufacturer of Music Festival Stage and Party Equipment.jpg

Plumes of Cryogenic CO2 Theatrical Smoke Special Effects Jets out from ATL Special FX Co2 Cryo Stage Jets and Handheld Co2 Gun Cannons.jpg

ATL Special FX® Manufactures all CO2 Atmospheric Stage and Party Equipment Here in the USA

Co2 Confetti Cannon Party Machines takes your celebration or winning the championship to the next level  celebrate with confetti party cannons.jpg

ATL Special FX® is the true leader of party and co2 atmospheric stage special effects equipment and the best part is that all our equipment is designed and built here in America of the best components and accessories that exist to man.  We can only use the most durable and reliable parts to build the best atmospheric co2 stage effects equipment in the world.  Our Co2 Cryogenic Special Effect Equipment is used around the world at huge party events such as music festivals, music concerts, Top 100 DJ performances, Famous Las Vegas Nightclubs and now regular folks like you and I that want to use the same long lasting, durable and dependable party and stage special effects equipment.


If you have something to celebrate, a life event, a corporate event, birthday party, Anniversary, Championship game, We help you celebrate life by adding special effects to your celebration and taking it to the next level.  Do you need to throw confetti at the right moment to celebrate winning at life?  Had a baby?  Do you need to create celebratory entrances for your winning team in the office or your winning team on the field?  

With our Co2 Cryo Jets and Handheld Co2 Gun you can jet blast all the theatrical cryo plumes of special effect smoke creating the top celebratory moments of your life.   Create stunning visual smoke special effects for your movie or video production easily and very affordably.  We can even supply you with unlimited amounts of the co2 liquid cryo gas and the co2 cryo tank cylinders.

Cloudvertise created cloud logo special effects at major events that fly for 5 miles creating awesome clouds of your business logo.jpg

Do you need to create fake snow or the illusion of winter in your neighbourhood or home for a video shoot, movie or Christmas party production for your school or play?  We have the best evaporating snow machines that will let you create that wonderful winter wonderland anytime of the year and in any place in the world.  Do you need to create your own low lying Halloween Fog to create that spooky illusion that the place is haunted?   Look no further.  Atlanta Special FX® has all the fog fluid and haze fluid concentrate and all the fog and haze machines that will let you create your own Halloween Fog and Haze Special Effects instantly.  

co2 atmospheric theatrical cryogenic smoke stage special effects equipment lets you create awesome plumes of colorful smoke effects for your party or performance on stage.JPG

Lately we have been getting a lot of calls for our MONSTER FOAM Machines that let you create loads of Foam with our patent pending machines and our Foam Fluid Concentrate that yields high levels of foam special effect for your home foam party.  More recently we have been getting a lot of calls from Nightclubs and party professionals wanting our Foam Monster Special Effects machines as their nightclub themed foam parties are more popular than ever with party goers.

ATL Special FX lets you create your own theatrical cryogenic smoke special effects with our stage production atmospheric  special effects.jpg

One of the hottest special effects equipment on the market right now is our Co2 Party Neon Paint Cannon Gun and Paint Jet that lets you shoot UV Neon Party Body or Face Paint to your partygoers and shower them with party glow paint as they enjoy the music and the show to make them part of the entertainment.  The crowd loves dancing and celebrating while being showered with body washable paint that is non-toxic and non-allergen and will easily wash off after the party or show.  You can then blast Neon Light onto the crowd for a spectacle of glow and color while your crowd parties and dances to the music.  The show is breathtaking as hundreds upon hundreds of party goers glow under the Neon light creating stunning special party effects.

Cloudvertise created cloud logo special effects at major events that fly for 5 miles creating awesome clouds of your business logo   cloud logo special effects machine from ATL Special FX.jpg

ATL Special FX created tunnel cryo smoke special effects at the football Chick-fil-a College Game between the university of Georgia and the University of North Carolina 1.jpg

Click on the Link below to purchase our World Famous Special Effects Party Equipment.

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ATL Special FX® Lets you create your own CO2 Atmospheric Special Effects

Now you too can create the same professional co2 atmospheric special effects like the movie production experts in Hollywood and the video production industry uses.  Las Vegas Nightclubs, Miami Nightclubs and Los Angeles Nightclubs all use the same co2 special effects equipment from Atlanta Special FX®.  We have over fifty years experience in the stage production and party entertainment industry and are always innovating to bring you only the most durable, dependable workhorse stage effects equipment in the world.  We are almost to the point of offering Lifetime Warranties on all of our Stage Production and party Special Effects Equipment as our equipment will very rarely need repairs or any type of fixing.  Bring home the same world famous co2 party effects equipment.

confetti party cannons   fog machines   pain cannon machines   cloud special effects machines  ATL Special FX.jpg

Enhance your Stage Performance or Show Visual Party Effects Instantly

If you are a professional party entertainer or Nightclub Manager or Stage Production Manager Movie producer or Visual Effects Supervisor then you know having all the right visual and special effects equipment is what makes every movie and video production a success.  ATL Special FX® has been a partner of the entertainment and special effects industry, supplying only the best co2 atmospheric special effect party equipment in the world.   YOU too can now rent or buy this same co2 party special effects equipment.

chainsmokers and Hailey with co2 smoke cryo effects 1.jpg

ATL Special FX® Logistics can supply all your Co2 Tank Cylinders and all the CO2 Cryogenic Gas Nationwide

ATL Special FX® understands the needs of our Stage production managers and party entertainers and planners.   We also supply stage production equipment planning and logistics.  We can deliver all your co2 stage special effects equipment and the co2 liquid gas and the co2 cylinder tanks needed to create all of the special effects.   Your company or business need not worry if the stage special effects equipment will be setup on the stage and do the stage rigging after the event.  ATL Special FX® has all the cryogenic special effects stage production experts to assist you with all your stage production needs.

We have worked with major theme parks, Movie Production Companies, Video Production Companies, Car Companies, Music Festival Committees  as well as other customers entertain and wow the crowd!  No expensive Pyrotechnic License or Permits required.

Our Products are also known by the following names. Custom co2 cryo jets systems, co2 cannons, co2 bazooka, co2 blasters, cryo co2 guns, fog blasters, special effects smoke machine, cryo cannons, cryo jets, swing co2 cryo jets, CO2 Jet, club cannons, led co2 cryo guns, co2 jet machine, cryo co2 jet, led co2 jet special effects.

CO2 smoke special effects cannon jets shoot out plumes of frozen liquid co2 in the form of smoke that automatically cools your crowd and gives your party or event that party effect used at major nightclubs and music concerts.

Call the party and stage production experts today 888-664-0097! OR SHOP NOW

Since 2008 ATL Special FX® mission has always been to manufacture and provide every customer with the highest quality special effects products at the most affordable we do.  Atlanta Special FX® is a full service stage production and party event company that provides professional, dependable special effects party FX equipment at affordable rates.  ATL FX® is currently providing trusted special effects equipment to over 90 countries and growing.  Our knowledgeable and experienced party and special effects staff and technicians manufacture and maintain a high quality line of theatrical effects that are among the most trusted in the world. These trusted effects include:

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CO2 Jet Cryo Jets for sale, CO2 Jet Systems, CO2 Party Guns, CO2 Blasters available, including Handheld Cryo Gun and Cryo Cannon or Cryo Bazooka.  ATL Special FX® Co2 Atmospheric Special Effects is your CO2 Effects Specialists with discount CO2 Jets including complete systems with CO2 Cylinder

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