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Is Do it Yourself Smoke Special Effects really safe?

co2 atmospheric Special Effects Equipment co2 cryo jets Co2 Guns Is Do it Yourself Smoke Special Effects really safe?

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Is Do it Yourself Smoke Special Effects really safe?


A loyal co2 special effects customer brought to our attention the many youtube videos available online that supposedly help you setup or guide you through the process of making your own smoke or fog machine from regular everyday components available at Home Depot or other hardware or Hobby Lobby Stores.  Although it is great that you can create your own co2 cryogenic smoke machine, we at Atlanta Special FX® do not recommend it as it is highly unsafe to use components that are not made to withstand the sub zero temperatures of the cryogenic CO2 Gas nor are the components typically made to withstand the pressure of the cryogenic co2 gas as it leaves the Co2 Cryo Gas Tank.



co2 atmospheric theatrical cryogenic smoke stage special effects equipment lets you create awesome plumes of colorful smoke effects for your party or performance on stage.JPG

In physics, cryogenics is the study of the production and behaviour of materials at very low temperatures.  It is not well-defined at what point on the temperature scale refrigeration ends and cryogenics begins, but scientists[1] assume it starts at or below −150 °C (123 K; −238 °F). The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology has chosen to consider the field of cryogenics as that involving temperatures below −180 °C or −292.00 °F or 93.15 K. This is a logical dividing line, since the normal boiling points of the so-called permanent gases (such as helium, hydrogen, neon, nitrogen, oxygen, and normal air) lie below −180 °C while the Freon refrigerants, hydrogen sulfide, and other common refrigerants have boiling points above −180 °C. (above −150 °C, −238 °F or 123 K).[

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Atlanta Special FX® recommends that you purchase equipment that can withstand cryogenic temperatures and also the extreme pressures that these gases produce while being blasted into the atmosphere.  Trust in the Cryogenic Special Effects Experts from Atlanta Special FX® as our Co2 Cryo Jets and Handheld Co2 Cryo Gun are made from the best American Cryogenic components and with your safety in mind.  Atlanta Special FX® manufactures only the best co2 special stage and party effects equipment on the planet and has been providing co2 jets and related atmospheric and party special effects equipment to over 90 countries and to the biggest music festivals and nightclubs on earth.



Atlanta Special FX® can also source all of your cryogenic co2 liquid industrial gas and co2 cylinder tanks at the best prices in the whole United States.  We handle all the logistics and can even set up your stage and strike your stage when your show or performance is over.  With your safety in mind we have created the best co2 special effects equipment in the planet that almost needs no warranty as it is trusted by the professional entertainers around the world.  We do not use chinese parts nor chinese components, ONLY AMERICAN made.  

We highly recommend that you either buy or rent the proper co2 special effects equipment that is both safe to use and that is very reliable.  Do not play with your safety and health, trust the expert manufacturers that have already done all the hard work for you.  All you have to do is plug and play,  We take care of the rest.  Have a great time creating your own special effects like the professional entertainers do.



ATL Special FX lets you create your own party special effects like the pro music festivals like imagine music festival in Atlanta   we setup co2 jets co2 confetti machine cannons.jpg

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Since 2008 ATL Special FX® mission has always been to manufacture and provide every customer with the highest quality special effects products at the most affordable we do.  Atlanta Special FX® is a full service stage production and party event company that provides professional, dependable special effects party FX equipment at affordable rates.  ATL FX® is currently providing trusted special effects equipment to over 90 countries and growing.  Our knowledgeable and experienced party and special effects staff and technicians manufacture and maintain a high quality line of theatrical effects that are among the most trusted in the world. These trusted effects include:

CO2 cryo jets
CO2 confetti cannons
Handheld CO2 cryo guns
Evaporating snow machines
Fog machines
Low Lying LSG Fog
Haze machines,
Dry wave scent machines,
Foam party machines,
Inflatable foam pits.

CO2 Cryogenic Theatrical Smoke Special Effects Equipment
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Snow Machine Special Effects
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Bubble Machine Special Effects Equipment
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