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Snow Machine FAQ

What Is Fake Evaporating Snow?

Our artificial snow is an eco-friendly, non toxic, non allergenic fluffy snow made from brilliant white foam like substance. It is the most realistic fake snow in the industry. It can be specially formulated to evaporate in seconds or accumulate on the ground for up to 20 minutes, with the snow flocker.

Does Evaporating Snow Leave A Residue?

Our proprietary ES-100 and QES-100 snow fluid are specially formulated to evaporate leaving the surface clean and free of residue.

Can Snow Machines Be Rented And Used Indoors?

Atlanta Special FX offers both rentals or purchases. Our knowledgeable staff can educate you on how to properly operate the machines or you can choose to have a certified technician during your event. Yes they can be used indoors. Each of our machines have fine adjustments so you can choose the size of your snowflake. When used indoors just set the snowflake size to evaporate as it touches the surface. If you have low ceilings some snow could accumulate on non porous surfaces.

Do You Rent To Our State?

We are a full service rental company and can ship snow machines to all 50 states. We offer the lowest rental prices and competitive shipping rates. Each snow machine comes with a full set of instructions and full time technical service.

Are QES-100 and ES-100 Snow Fluid Safe Around Food?

Although our snow fluid is safe around all types of food, most caters utilize the snow at the entrance to events for a "WOW!" factor. Some guests are particular about anything landing on their food.

Does Your Snow Fluid Stain?

No it does not stain. If you have low ceilings or use a large flake size, more moisture is trapped inside the flake and can produce wet marks on clothing and surfaces. It will evaporate within seconds and once dries there will be no marks.

What Type Of Snow Machines Can Use ES-100 and QES-100 Snow Fluid?

ES-100 Snow Fluid has been tested in virtually all major types of snow machines and will not clog supply lines. It is recommended with all snow machines to run a cycle of hot water through the machine before long storage periods.

Can You Scent The Snow Fluid?

Yes our snow fluid can be scented with a variety of fragrances to enhance your event. We add a subtle amount of fragrance to act as a background scent and stimulate your audience.

Does It Make The Floor Slippery?

Snow fluid does have moisture in it but with proper operating and settings your surface should not become slippery. If you have low ceilings it is recommended to use a small snowflake size to speed up the evaporation process. You can also use a floor fan aimed toward the ceiling to increase the time the flakes have to evaporate.

What Is The Difference Between ES-100 and ES-100C?

ES-100 is premixed snow fluid and is ready for use in any snow machine. ES-100 C is the concentrated form and is not ready for use. It must be mixed with 120 ounces of water. De-ionized water is recommended to reduce the amount of chlorine and minerals in water. This will result in a cleaner evaporation.

Are The Snow Machines Production Quality?

Each of the snow machines offered by Atlanta Special FX have been thoroughly tested by our trained staff for quality performance. Our snow machines are currently used by theme parks across the country and have been used for video and TV production to produce the most realistic snow available. Most recently our snow making equipment was used on Extreme Makeover Home Edition's Christmas Special.