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Antari S600 Fake Snow Machine

Antari S600 Yeti Evaporating Snow Machine - Create Winter Magic Anytime!


Welcome to Atlanta Special FX, your premier destination for the Antari S600 Yeti Evaporating Snow Machine. Unleash the magic of winter at any time of the year with this incredible snow machine. Whether you're planning a winter wonderland event or adding a touch of enchantment to your production, the Antari S600 Yeti is the perfect choice.

Key Features: 1. Realistic Snowfall Effects: The Antari S600 Yeti is designed to create stunningly realistic snowfall effects, making it ideal for winter-themed parties, Christmas events, and stage productions.

2. Adjustable Output: Customize the snow intensity with the adjustable output settings. From a light dusting to a blizzard, this machine can do it all.

3. Quiet Operation: Enjoy the magic without the noise. The Antari S600 Yeti operates quietly, ensuring your event remains peaceful and immersive.

4. Remote Control: Easily control the snow machine from a distance with the included remote, giving you the flexibility to create snowfall at the perfect moment.

5. Quick and Efficient: With a rapid warm-up time, the Antari S600 Yeti is ready to create snowflakes in no time, ensuring you don't miss a moment of the magic.


  • Winter Wonderland Events
  • Christmas Parties
  • Theatrical Productions
  • Film and Television Sets
  • Photo Shoots
  • Theme Parks
  • Corporate Events
  • Weddings

Why Choose the Antari S600 Yeti? The Antari S600 Yeti is the top choice for anyone looking to create a winter wonderland indoors or outdoors. Its exceptional features, quiet operation, and ease of use make it a versatile and essential tool for event planners, production designers, and anyone wanting to add a touch of snowfall magic to their projects.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input voltage : US model : AC 100-120V, 50/60Hz 10A EU model : AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz 5A
  • Rated power : 1200W
  • Fluid consumption : 400 ml/min
  • Compatible fluid : Antari SL-N Snow Foam Fluid Antari SL-AN Premium Snow Foam Fluid Antari SL-H Super Dry Snow Foam Fluid Antari SL-C Anti-Freezing Snow Foam Fluid Antari SL-UV UV Snow Foam Fluid
  • Ambient temp/ range : 5C ? 40C (41F  104F)
  • Control : Manual, Timer,DMX 512, Wireless Wireless DMX (Optional)
  • DMX channels : 3 channels
  • Connection : Neutrik Powercon (Power) XLR 5-pin (DMX)
  • Included accessories : W-2 Wireless Radio Transmitter 5-Meter Fluid Tube with Filter Hanging Bracket
  • Optional accessories : WTR-90 Wireless DMX SC-4 Cable Remote S-600-BH Bottle Holder (For 5-Liter Bottle. Bottle is not included)
  • Dimension : L 461.2 W 596 H 629.6 mm (L 18.16 W 23.47 H 24.79 inch)
  • Weight : 24 kg (52.9 lbs)
  • Order Your Antari S600 Yeti: Don't miss out on the opportunity to make your events truly enchanting. Order your Antari S600 Yeti Evaporating Snow Machine from Atlanta Special FX today and experience the magic of snowfall whenever you desire.

    Contact Us: For inquiries, quotes, or any assistance, feel free to get in touch with our team. We're here to help you create the snowfall magic you've always dreamed of.

    Conclusion: Transform your events, parties, and productions into winter wonderlands with the Antari S600 Yeti Evaporating Snow Machine. Order now and make every moment special with Atlanta Special FX.

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