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DMX Relay Pack 512 1 Channel

DMX1 Relay Switch Pack 512 Dimmer Controller 1 Channel - Patent Pending


DMX 512 Relay Switch Packs Are Ideal For Quick Setup Up And Control For CO2 Cryo Jet Machines and CO2 Continuous Flow Confetti Cannons.

The DMX1 patent pending design now allows sfx technicians to add DMX control to any switchable device.  There are many special effects devices including pyrotechnic machines, CO2 cryo jet machines, CO2 confetti blasters and more.  This portable DMX relay can be used on stage fans, lights, and a variety of other fixtures that do not include onboard DMX.  The DMX1 proprietary components also give you a full 20 amps of power in a pocket size relay.  The unique design includes rare earth magnets for easy mounting points to any steel fixture and immediately creates remote DMX control of your unit.

Size Matters!

When you are touring the last thing you need is another bulky accessory for your special effects.  This is the very reason behind the compact design.  The DMX1 is approximately the size of a pack a cigarettes and disguises easily on or behind stage fixtures.  And don't let the size fool you. This DMX relay switch produces a full 20 amps of power for all your daisy chained products.

What Makes The ATL FX DMX1 Unique?

The patent pending design of the DMX1 incorporates power con in and out for daisy chaining multiple relays together.  This makes stage set up a breeze and cuts down on the amount of power and extension cords needed for a large stage setup.  The creative design also includes a TruCon out for easy powering of all ATL FX CO2 cryo jets and confetti cannons.  These are first time features on a DMX dimmer switch controller. 

Benefits Of External DMX Control Vs. Onboard DMX

Many touring productions came to us complaining about imported CO2 cryo jet machines and the rate of onboard DMX component failure. Whether the failure was from frost and moisture created from the -70 degree liquid CO2 or from the rugged lifestyle of touring gear, we listened.  The solution to the problem was simple and it was to create the DMX1 external DMX 512 1 Channel controller.  Now if a DMX failure occurs you do not lose the CO2 jet or Confetti cannon control, instead you simply replace the DMX relay switch.  This is the ultimate product for ensuring your DMX controlled special effects equipment works properly each and every time. 

  • Size: 5" x 6" x 1.5"
  • Weight: 1 lbs
  • Input Power: 110v
  • Output Power: 20 A
  • DMX 512
  • Single Channel On/Off Switch and Dimming Capability
  • Daisy Chain-able With Power Con In/Out
  • Tru Con Out For Powering CO2 Jet of Confetti Cannon / Any Switchable Device


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