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Liquid Nitrogen Cannon

Liquid Nitrogen Cryogenic Cannon | NitroCannon™


The cutting edge liquid Nitrogen NitroCannon™ is one in a line of EcoJets intended to increase cryogenic fog output while considering the environmental, and financial, impact of CO2 emissions.  

Liquid Nitrogen Cannon | NitroCannon

This new innovative product creates massive cold fog plumes for outdoor festivals, as well as, indoor nightclub installations. 

For decades cryogenic CO2 jets have been amazing at fulfilling needs for stage special effects on all levels.  Audible, visual, and physical. 

We have now invented a cannon that is able to produce massive cryogenic plumes of fog, audible effects, as well as cooling down the stage or venue.  And we accomplished this using a variety of special software programming that allows the user to choose between, liquid CO2 or Liquid Nitrogen. 

Most do not know that Liquid Nitrogen solves a lot of issues with high altitude and low humidity, where liquid CO2 struggles.  This is because liquid CO2 is at -72 degrees Fahrenheit and Liquid Nitrogen is at -320 degrees Fahrenheit!! 

Now you can create stunning, dense white cryo fog plumes with the new Nitrocannon™

For more information please feel free to call us at 888-664-0097


 DMX: 512

Software: MultiTech- Allows for multiple nozzle designs and psi output selections

Power: 120v or 240v

Amp: 2A

Weight: 12 lbs

Dimension: 7" x 8" x 14"

Mounting: Multiple points, Multiple angles

Noteable: New Safety Test LED for testing while pressurized

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