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Cloudvertising Meets Cloud Computing - 3D Floating Logo Clouds

3d foam clouds bubble clouds bubble shapes Atlanta special fx cloud advertisement cloudvertise cloudvertisement floating logos flying logos helium clouds skyvertise soap foam

For years now people have wondered just exactly what the "Cloud" is in reference to the world of computing.  For many this is still tough to grasp, but as time goes on it gets easier and easier to understand.  Much like the phenomenon of man made clouds, this gray area of "What is Cloud Computing" and "What is Cloudvertising" has been on the minds of many for quite some time.  Over the last few weeks Atlanta Special FX and CBeyond have begun to bridge the gap between Cloud Computing and Cloudvertising by physically Cloudvertising a Cloud Computing celebration.  As you now know both of these "Clouds" have taken time for the mainstream to get their heads around, but take a look around, and you will see that this exciting machine can physically advertise in the Clouds.  Cloudvertising is offered exclusively by Atlanta Special FX and can be done indoors, at events such as: Tradeshows, College Football Games, Professional Sporting Events, Motocross, X Games, and much more.  They are also ideal for any outdoor guerilla marketing or concert venues and can be seen for miles.  This stunning effect can be controlled by the operator to hover at pre set heights and a new floating logo cloud is produced from the machine every 30-45 seconds.  This makes for a sky full of fun.  So over the next few months be watching for other great Cloudvertising....Cloud events from companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.  This is an exciting time to grow in the Cloud.  For more information on how to rent a Cloudvertising machine for your event, contact Michael Willett at Atlanta Special FX 1-888-664-0097, or visit
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