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CO2 Confetti Cannons Dazzle Sold Out Crowd at Infinite Energy Arena

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CO2 Confetti Cannons Dazzle Sold Out Crowd at Infinite Energy Arena

Thousands of students were in attendance to experience the annual Forward Conference in Atlanta, GA. The fun-filled weekend was held from June 28, 2018 to June 30, 2018. On the opening night of the event, Atlanta Special FX filled the Infinite Energy Arena with beautiful bursts of confetti.

Confetti For Foward Conference by Atlanta Special FX


About Forward Conference


13,000 students assemble annually at the Forward Conference to hear inspirational messages from the top worship artists and speakers from around the world. The event encourages attendees to focus on the future versus thinking about the past. As an unforgettable weekend that represents more than a conference, the event highlights a visionary direction for embracing the plans that God has for this generation and for future generations, as well.  

Guest speakers at the 2018 Forward Conference featured Jentezen Franklin, Carl Lentz, Dawncheré Wilkerson, Levi Lusko, Reggie Dabbs and Ben Prescott.

 Massive Arena Confetti Blasters For Forward Conference Infinite Energy Arena

Goliath CO2 Confetti Cannons


Powerful special effects equipment is needed to quickly deliver a lot of confetti within a short time frame. At the event, our team performed synchronized blasts with our patented Goliath CO2 Confetti Cannons.

To dazzle the crowd, we shot 120 pounds of confetti within 15 seconds.

Eight of the Goliath CO2 Confetti Cannons were controlled from the front of house console via DMX controls, while six of the machines were controlled in the catwalk.   


CO2 Confetti Cannons Made in the United States

 Stadium Confetti Cannons Foward Conference Free Chapel Atlanta Special FX

We maintain one of the largest supplies of CO2 Confetti Cannons within the United States. As the manufacturer of our branded CO2 Special Effects Equipment, we hold an exclusive patent for a variety of our CO2 Confetti Cannons.

When purchases are made via our exquisite line of CO2 Equipment, all customers receive a three-year warranty.  


Professional CO2 Special Effects Company


While some production companies and entertainers are tasked with operating high-pressure CO2 Supplies and CO2 Equipment on the road, we provide support for Professional CO2 Special Effects.

Our technicians travel throughout the United States to orchestrate meticulously timed CO2 Confetti displays, CO2 Tunnel Smoke and CO2 Cannon Blasts for a wide variety of clients.

Due to the growth for Professional CO2 Support Services, on some days, we have CO2 Specialists simultaneously working at various locations throughout the United States.    

As a full-service CO2 Company, Atlanta Special FX showcases its manufactured brand of CO2 Confetti products online and coordinates the delivery of CO2 Gas via its sister company,


Contact us today for details about renting or purchasing CO2 Special Effects Equipment for your next event.

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