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CO2 Cannons and Confetti Cannons were used to create special effects at the Pitbull show.

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Making a grand entrance is ideal for performers who want to raise the energy level at sold out events. Although, few performers in the world can command the stage presence of Pitbull. During his recent performance at the Hard Rock Casino in Sioux City, Iowa, Pitbull featured CO2 Cannons from Atlanta Special FX within the show.  


Incorporate CO2 Special Effects Equipment Into Live Shows

Amazing visuals can generally enhance vocal and theatrical performances. Whether used to jumpstart a star-studded event or to closeout an award-winning set, superstars and performers who want to burst onto the professional scene can incorporate CO2 special effects equipment into live shows. 

CO2 Cannons

CO2 Jet Cannons and Confetti For Pitbull Concert Hard Rock Casino




When arranging a masterful stage performance, timing and high-quality equipment are essential to a brilliant delivery. Our branded CO2 Cannons are operated via experienced technicians who are trusted by Pitbull and many other well-known superstars.

For the Pitbull show at the Hard Rock Casino, we installed 12 single-nozzle CO2 Cannons. A DMX channel was provided for each CO2 Cannon to offer individual controls and greater levels of precision.

CO2 Confetti Cannons

Large bursts of confetti can create stunning aerial visuals for performers who need attention-getting special effects. Four of our branded CO2 Confetti Cannons were used to dazzle the crowd at the Pitbull show.

Many of the world’s most popular entertainers use our equipment in unique ways to enhance their stage presence.

CO2 Special Effects Supplies             

Having great CO2 equipment without a sufficient amount of CO2 supplies could potentially ruin a high-energy event. We provide consultation services to understand the needs of our customers, and to make recommendations for CO2 supplies, such as confetti, gas, hoses and other items.

CO2 Gas

To cool the crowd or to generate large volumes of tunnel smoke, a generous supply of CO2 gas can ensure that the party continues to the end. Through our sister company,, we supply CO2 gas throughout the nation.

Our event professionals handle the logistics for time-sensitive shows that require the delivery and the retrieval of CO2 cylinders. We provide our customers with flat-rate pricing, regardless of where the performance is located. This is a huge benefit, as our customers prepay for the costs of cylinder rentals versus shopping for CO2 gas from a variety of local suppliers.     

Order CO2 Supplies and Equipment Online

We ship CO2 supplies and equipment throughout the United States to arrive on schedule for professional sports teams, college football games, concerts, parties, commercials, performances and other live events.   

Contact Atlanta Special FX today to order CO2 supplies and equipment online.

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