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CO2 Confetti Cannons may be rented online for a variety of events.

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Rent CO2 Confetti Cannons Online

Creative celebrations provide an extraordinary way to make a statement that fans will notice. Whereas, clapping or an airhorn might miss the mark of appreciation for a winning touchdown or a home run hit. Using CO2 Confetti Cannons is the ultimate way to celebrate a competitive victory or a major event. Atlanta Special FX is the leading manufacturer of CO2 Confetti Cannons within the United States.

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About CO2 Confetti Cannons

High-quality CO2 items are used to invigorate crowds on some of most popular stages in the world. Powerful CO2 Confetti Cannons are among the most impactful types of special effects equipment. Whether used to celebrate the winning team at the Super Bowl, an NCAA victory, a reality TV winner or after the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, CO2 Confetti Cannons are strong enough to launch thousands of pieces of confetti high into the air.   

Supplies for CO2 Confetti Cannons

While CO2 Confetti Cannons may be used to disburse a variety of items, we supply stadium confetti that is made of delicate products, such as tissue or mylar. We also supply durable CO2 tanks and hoses for a seamless use of the equipment.

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CO2 Confetti Cannons for Rent

Unlike organized sporting events, corporate functions may require the use a CO2 Confetti Cannon on a limited basis. Therefore, we provide the option for our customers to rent CO2 Confetti Cannons, as needed.

Rental equipment provides an affordable option for users who want to add a wow factor to a local event. Within the U.S., we ship CO2 products and supplies to all 50 states.  

Purchase CO2 Confetti Cannons

Ownership of a CO2 Confetti Cannon enables users to easily set up and to launch aerial special effects at NFL events, NBA championships, NCAA finals, Major League Baseball celebrations and at Stanley Cup presentations.

Our CO2 branded products are also used in theatrical events, live concerts, nightclubs, television commercials and other popular venues. Purchasers receive a three-year warranty on all of our CO2 products. 


It is important to rent CO2 equipment from a reliable special effects company. We hold a patent on the CO2 Confetti Cannons that we manufacture within the United States. Additionally, we supply vibrant pieces of mylar and tissue for use with the Confetti Cannon.

Many companies provide CO2 supplies and equipment that are cheaply made in other countries. However, Atlanta Special FX manufactures durable CO2 products within the United States.

Contact a representative at Atlanta Special FX today for more information about using CO2 special effects equipment. 888-664-0097 or contact us at

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