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CO2 Cryo Jets for Football Games and Stadium Events

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Displaying CO2 special effects is a fantastic way to ignite the energy level at sporting events and other types of outdoor entertainment. While CO2 plumes are often seen in nightclubs, concerts, theatrical productions and television commercials, sports fans get excited when smoke appears near a football tunnel or during center field attractions.

Atlanta Special FX is the premier manufacturer of Handheld CO2 Cryo Jets and special effects equipment for football games. Although, our CO2 products may be used in baseball stadiums, soccer fields, professional wrestling and other highly competitive sporting venues. Whether CO2 bursts are used during the Halftime Show, to introduce players for the home team or to recognize Hall of Famers, fans become instantly energized whenever a large cloud of smoke mysteriously appears.

co2 cryo jet cannon fog for stadium events and football game team entrance

High-Quality CO2 Cryo Jets

When considering the purchase of a Handheld CO2 Cryo Jet, it is important to verify the quality and the condition of the equipment. Some highly recognized firms within the industry rely upon imported models that are cheaply made. Whether used in the National Football League, collegiate sports, professional arenas or via grade schools, high-quality CO2 Jets are recommended for delivering exceptional results.

Since 2008, Atlanta Special FX has manufactured a complete line of CO2 Cryo Jets, CO2 Confetti Cannons, Bubble Machines and other CO2 supplies within the United States. Our branded equipment is backed by a three warranty to ensure that our customers get reliable service and an outstanding value for every item that we sell.

As a custom manufacturer of CO2 Cryo Jets, we offer consultation and design services to develop the precise specifications for a unique a CO2 system.

Working with the leading manufacturer of Handheld CO2 Cryo Jets within the US is the best way to obtain professional grade equipment.

High-quality CO2 Cryo Jets with reliable hoses and durable CO2 tanks will seamlessly generate controlled plumes of smoke, on demand.

fog smoke co2 tank team tunnel entrance cryo jet cannon

Entertain the Crowd With CO2 Cryo Jets

Stadium patrons will have a blast as special effects are used to dazzle the crowd. Without any form of entertainment, cheerleaders or special effects, folks who are viewing a live event could have had a similar experience at home.

However, it is hard to replicate the joy of screaming fans, music playing and plumes of smoke from Handheld CO2 Cryo Jets to celebrate a touchdown.

Sports directors and entertainment professionals are realizing an unmatched return on their investment. With an unlimited number of applications, CO2 equipment may be used to accent introductions, performances, cheering routines and special announcements.


CO2 Cryo Jets that operate via special effect liquid co2 fluid provide a safe way to entertain stadium goers without the use of dangerous pyrotechnic devices. On extreme weather days, super cold blasts from CO2 clouds may be used near certain areas of the dugout or the bleachers to keep the players cool.

Contact Atlanta Special FX today at (888) 664-0097 for more information about buying or renting Handheld CO2 Cryo Jets, high-pressure hoses, CO2 tanks and other types of special effects equipment to take any sporting event to a higher level.

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