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CO2 Cryo Jets and Confetti - Not Just For EDM Anymore

Atlanta Special Effects FX CO2 Cryo Jet Manufacturer Confetti Cannon Smoke Fog SnowEveryday, Atlanta Special FX manufactures tons of the best special effects equipment for parties, weddings, nightclubs, and even music events. Every machine we create always manages to awe and wow the crowds in various parties and special events. CO2 Cryo Jets are some of our more common products we carry, and with the power of carbon dioxide aiding the machinery, multiple visual effects can be accomplished.

CO2 Cryo Jets are capable making spontaneous blasts of smoke. They require special industrial CO2 tanks, sometimes referred to as cryo gas cylinders. Hooking one up to the Cryo Jets allow for the effects to be made possible. We like to work closely with our customers and help set up the equipment to better fit their stage or venue — a custom smoke effects jet system if you will. There are three basic types of Cryo Jets. One with a single nozzle, another with a dual nozzle, and lastly, a triple nozzle. There are a few alternate versions available, but the smoke effects will always come out of a nozzle. Choosing the right sets and having the system installed and tested is crucial for preparing the stage for an outstanding performance!

CO2 CRYO SMOKE COOLS DOWN NIGHTCLUB HOT ROOMS IN SECONDSCrowded rooms can get pretty warm. That’s why CO2 Cryo Jets have a cooling effect in its range of blast. Cryo Jets are an ideal way to cool off everyone and to get an impressive visual effect at the same time. If you’re looking for something less “standalone” and more “mobile”, the most optimal way to truly get the effects working in your hands would be to use CO2 Cryo Guns. Strap a cryo gas cylinder on you back, link it to the gun, and shoot the chilly smoke towards the crowd! They’ll definitely appreciate it, especially when the room gets pretty warm. We carry run-of-the-mill cryo handhelds as well as mini cryo guns, dual cannon guns, and even gatling cryo guns! There's quite a large variety of different ways to control cryo effects, whether it's be through a custom nozzle system, or a gun with a CO2 tank as ammo. Great ways to make visual effects as well as make the room and the crowd feel cooler. Imagine being at a concert with thousands of people with no way to cool down from the heat. That'd be a little tough to endure wouldn't it?

EDM Festival CO2 Cryo Smoke Jets Stage Mount DMX Production
The majority of the time, our CO2 Cryo effects are used in the music industry.

Raves, EDC, and EDM festivals especially get more use out of these jets. These kind of concerts have crazy amounts of lasers, lights, and smoke shot across the air to go along with the loud electro music and dubstep. The Cryo Jets activate in sync with the music and have a hissing sound that goes along with it as it blows out the smoky visuals. Guys on the stage would even run around shooting the thick cryogenic fog with a cryo handheld. Although festivals known for their electronic dance music tend to get the most use out of them, these aren’t the only kind of events that take advantage of these jet systems. Metal bands, country singers, christian bands, rappers, and other music artists of various genres use these for concerts and world tours.

Attila trusts Atlanta Special FX for all CO2 jet smoke machines and fog DMX with confettiWe’ve created reliable custom cryo systems for bands as popular as Attila. This metalcore band has indeed used our CO2 Cryo Jet systems many times for one of their past tours. It was a pleasure working with them, and we will continue to do business with them again whenever possible. Now of course, these effects aren't strictly meant only for music festivals. They could be used for other special occasions, like nightclubs, sporting events, New Year's parties, and even birthday


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