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Dual Handheld CO2 Canons Provide More Special Effects Than Fire Extinguishers

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Dual Handheld CO2 Cannon For Football Team Tunnel Smoke

CO2 Handheld Cannon Team Tunnel Smoke Using Cryo Not Fire Extinguisher

High-impact equipment provides an enormous amount of excitement for football players and for fans, as well. Typically, before the game starts, fans are eagerly anticipating the emergence of players who sprint through clouds of smoke to get onto the field.

However, it is important to use reliable CO2 Cannons to obtain optimal levels of tunnel smoke. As the recognized leader for special effects equipment, Atlanta Special FX has the largest inventory of American made CO2 Devices and CO2 Supplies to accommodate high school athletic teams, collegiate sports teams, the NFL, NHL, NASCAR and other professional sports teams.


Why Use Dual Handheld CO2 Cannons for Tunnel Smoke?

 Create CO2 Cryo Smoke Tunnel For Football Team Entrance

Tunnel smoke raises the energy of the crowd and it intensifies a football player’s desire to reach the playing field. Additionally, the smoke-filled blasts are used to cool off the players who bypass hot and humid areas of the tunnel. Standard CO2 Cannons and fire extinguishers are not as effective as our Dual Handheld CO2 Guns, which enable a user to generate twice as many special effects for football games.


What Are The Benefits of Using CO2 Cannons Versus Fire Extinguishers?

 The Best Smoke Team Tunnel Entrance Uses CO2 Handheld Cryo Cannon Foggers

While, fire extinguishers may be used to spray CO2, the user experience is unmatched when compared to our Dual Handheld CO2 Cannons. In fact, fire extinguishers are largely used to mimic the special effects that are created by professional CO2 Equipment. Shown below are some of the benefits of using a CO2 Cannon versus a fire extinguisher or low-output fog machines.


  • Delivers more powerful blasts
  • Shoots higher and further
  • Connects to CO2 Tank for extended usage
  • Cools players faster
  • Makes thunderous sound
  • Commands more attention from attendees


Can High Schools Receive Discounts on CO2 Cannons?

 Buy One Get One Donated Coupon Atlanta Special FX CO2 Handheld Cryo Cannon For Team Tunnel Football Entrances

Yes, athletic directors are encouraged to speak with Michael Willett, CEO and Founder of Atlanta Special FX.

Michael’s wife is a teacher and he is passionate about equipping schools with CO2 Cannons, so that the students can compete with confidence. 

Nearly a decade ago, Michael recognized the inability for many high schools to source the funding for CO2 Guns at every game.

Therefore, after an initial purchase of a CO2 Gun and a CO2 Hose, Michael donates a second set to the school, in exchange for an autographed jersey or football helmet.

Michael is driven to supply every school in America with professional CO2 Equipment.


How to Order Dual Handheld CO2 Cannons?

 CO2 Cryo Cannons Are Best Foggers For Creating Football Team Tunnel Smoke

Special Effects Equipment and Dual Handheld CO2 Cannons are available for sale and delivery throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Our CO2 Technicians travel to set up and to operate CO2 Special Effects Equipment for bowl games, high school championships, NFL playoffs, soccer, NHL and many other events.

Featuring turnkey services, our technicians will travel to instruct dads or booster club volunteers on the precise way to operate our branded CO2 Equipment.

In partnership with our sister firm,, we provide competitive pricing on CO2 Gas. Our team coordinates the delivery of CO2 Canisters and we pick up the empty canisters.

Contact Atlanta Special Effects for more information about CO2 Cannons, CO2 Handheld Guns, CO2 Gas and other CO2 Supplies.

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    looking for pricing and more info

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