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CO2 jets and CO2 cannons provide special effects for Pitbull and Blake Shelton show

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CO2 Jets and Confetti Cannons Used for 2018 Pendleton Whiskey Music Fest 

CO2 Jet For Blake Shelton Pendleton Whiskey Fest Dynamic entertainers can instantly connect with patrons who are eagerly waiting for a star-studded event to begin. Now imagine that the marquee for the show displays performances from Pitbull, Blake Shelton and other acts. Helping to improve the visuals for these industry icons, Atlanta Special FX provided multiple CO2 Jets and Confetti Cannons for the 2018 Pendleton Whiskey Musical Fest. 

Presenting an Event With Different Musical Styles 

Offering a show with unique performers can attract fans with a variety of musical interests. On July 14, 2018, concertgoers at the Pendleton Whiskey Musical Fest were able to hear up-tempo songs from Pitbull that were followed up with Blake Shelton taking the stage to deliver his signature version of country music.  

While both of these highly-respected artists could probably perform on any stage, with anyone, the attendees who came to see a specific singer were able to hear another genre of music. 

 Pitbull Entertains Fans with CO2 Cryo Jet Fog Machines and Confetti

With more than 18,500 patrons at the event, a sizable percentage of fans were in attendance to see performances from either Pitbull or Blake Shelton. As it turned out, the fans received double the pleasure.   

CO2 Jets and Confetti Cannons Used at the Pendleton Whiskey Fest  

 CO2 Jet Fog Cannons For Concert Festivals Like Pitbull and Blake Shelton By Atlanta Special FX

We are frequently hired to provide Special Effects Equipment and onsite services for distinguished artists. To supply the necessary firepower for the Pitbull and Blake Shelton performances at the 2018 Pendleton Whiskey Fest, we used 12 of our CO2 Jets and 4 Confetti Cannons. 

On a day where temperatures reached 100 degrees, our CO2 Special Effects Equipment performed flawlessly. The energy from the crowd was elevated when plumes of smoke were shot via our branded CO2 Jets, and Confetti from our Confetti Cannons could be seen as high as 100 feet in the air.  

Precision and timing are critical elements for an event of this magnitude. For the show, we used CO2 Cannons that were powered electronically via continuous flow capability. We also used CO2 Jets that were DMX 512 controllable via our external relays.    

Ordering CO2 Equipment and CO2 Supplies Online 

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We are passionate about manufacturing Special Effects Equipment and supplies that electrify the crowd. Since 2008, we have designed and manufactured a complete line of CO2 Equipment and Supplies.

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Our CO2 Jets are constructed with a powder-coated rhino-lined texture for touring and for heavy-duty usage. Featuring a very rugged exterior design, our CO2 Jets are the most durable and the most reliable in the industry.   

Trusted among local entertainers, professional sports teams and world-class performers, CO2 Equipment from Atlanta Special FX is backed by a three-year warranty. 

Contact us today for more information or to order CO2 Special Effects Equipment. 

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