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Part 3: Who Is Michael Willett? Never Give Up Attitude

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Michael Willett With Atlanta Special Effects Team - CO2 Cryo Jet Machine Manufacturing  

As someone who is passionate about creating a story, I can honestly say it is an honor to interview and tell a story about an individual who endured a life of setbacks and failures, only to create a garage based multi million dollar special effects manufacturing business years later.  Bringing a story like this to the public requires a lot of time because you truly have to know, and understand, how each detail plays an integral part in developing the never settle, never give up attitude of a successful person.  No doubt Michael Willett has endured some challenging situations throughout his 42 years, but these very challenges are what has kept him pushing forward and never giving up.

In this post I planned on continuing down the road about the trouble Willett endured at such a young age and throughout his school years.  We were going to discuss early childhood and adolescence topics that included being bullied, humiliated, and confused about love and sexuality.  We were later going to get in to college years that included excessive partying, near death experiences, heartache, and even being kicked out of college. Then of course we couldn't skip the spontaneous decisions later in life that led to sleeping on peoples couches, somewhat homeless, but never losing hope that something great was just around the corner. There are even some hilarious moments along the way!  Its a true life sex, drugs, and rock and roll story with a happy ending.

We were going to start expanding on Willett's business and the crucial conversations that altered his course of action and drove him to succeed. The tragic moments that happened along the way. The unique neighborhood business model he used. The biggest successes and failures in his eyes.  The biggest "oops" moments.  Just how you go from losing it all in real estate to starting another company. Creating a company from scratch while raising a new born, and somehow keeping a marriage together. The real nitty gritty involved with starting and running your own company.  There is so much great stuff here!

But timing is everything right?!! Well it gives me great pleasure to announce that with the release of the first two posts on "Who Is Michael Willett?" they were picked up by some influential individuals in the movie industry.  After our first meeting there are talks of turning Willett's success story into a feature film.  We are meeting over the next 6 weeks to develop the story line that has a chance to inspire so many who may be currently running a company, thinking of starting their own company, or just searching for motivation and inspiration dealing with life in general. Willett's remark was "I think it would be awesome if this is turned into a movie, HBO documentary, or even Netflix; but I will be just as happy getting my story across on paper.  The goal is to inspire others who may not be living up to their full potential because of their past, or because of memories they haven't forgiven themselves for."

With the booming movie industry in Atlanta GA and the overwhelming desire to read about underdogs making their mark in the world, it comes as no surprise that Willett's story would get attention.  It goes without saying that this story has my full attention and I cannot wait to see what we come up with moving forward.  I am honored to be part of this project and one way or the other we will all learn how Michael Willett went from a poor rural upbringing to the "King of Cryo" in the special effects world.  Stay Tuned....

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  • Francisco Zuniga on

    I met Michael several years ago while we were working on our own app’s, geared towards the bar and nightclub scene. I was working on Drink Zage and Michael was working o Third Circle. We would talk about the opportunity and challenges of our respective ventures. We kept in touch and I recently started working with him as an Account Manager for Atlas Special FX. I’ve always found Michael to be compelling and driven to create new products and services. This is an interesting journey.

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