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Who Manufactures The Best CO2 Cryo Jet Machines?- The Only Name To Trust ATL SPECIAL FX® Cryogenic Fog Cannon Special Effects

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CO2 Jet Machine #1 in USA Special Effects Fog Club Cannon

When making a major investment such as purchasing or renting CO2 Cryogenic Fog Machines for your nightclub, or production company, it is important to do your research and find the most reputable manufacturer near you.  Finding a CO2 jet machine manufacturer can be a bit tricky nowadays and it can also be very confusing and misleading if you are not careful.  Machines that produce fog from liquid carbon dioxide can be very dangerous if not installed properly and can be more dangerous if the tube is not properly engineered as to NOT product dry ice while activated.  This blog will help you better make an educated decision about which company you should trust when dealing with CO2 cryogenic special effects fog. 

Beware of Fake CO2 Jet Manufacturers - Choose #1 ATL Special FX® Best Cryo CannonsOver the last decade there have been companies pop up and claim to be special effects manufacturers when in fact they simply buy foreign made CO2 jets and re-label the trying to trick consumers into believing that they are the manufacturer.  They will try and distract you with flashy ads, flashy new colors and customization. Others purchase foreign made housings, led DMX, and power components then disassemble the unit and remove the valve only to replace it with another valve, then re label and call it their USA manufactured version.  These are all very mis leading and very un reliable with a very high fail rate.  So please take your time and compare how the outer housings look.  You will notice that most companies have the same housing just with different logos on the boxes.  One other very important item to investigate is the warranty and how long it takes to have these CO2 club cannons repaired, because they will fail.  And when they do you could be down for weeks or even months.

Atlanta Special FX® The Best CO2 Cryo Jet Machine Manufacturer in USA For Fog Club CannonsAtlanta Special FX® is one of the only true USA manufacturers of CO2 Cryogenic Special Effects.  After a decade of producing top quality cannons and selling them in over 90 countries the defect rate of these cold fog cyro blasters is less than 1%.  That is astounding when you think about it.  On top of that the company is local in Atlanta, Nashville, and Denver if you ever need repair work so the average turn time on a repair is less than 1 week including shipping.  Oh and did we mention the new warranty on these amazing production CO2 cryo units is 3 years.  That's right 3 years!! After reviewing the product more they now have trucon or powercon2 connectors making them a breeze to daisy chain together and operate with a DMX unibar. 

Rent CO2 Cryo Jet Machine Special Effects Fog and Fire

We are including a list of USA CO2 Jet Manufacturers to help you speed up your research and we will also include another list of available places to buy CO2 jets.  You will notice some striking similarities between some of the various (manufacturers).  So please make the smart choice and spend a little more money to have peace of mind knowing you have made a solid investment for years to come. Choose the "King of Cryo" Atlanta Special FX®

USA CO2 Cryo Jet Machine Manufacturers:

1. Atlanta Special FX

2. Global Special Effects 

Other CO2 Jet Machine Outlets: (Non USA Manufactured)

1. Cryo FX

2. Club Cannon

3. Moka Lighting

4. Hansen Systems

5. Alibaba

(If you look closely you will see very similar co2 jets claiming to be made in USA when in fact they are taking Chinese made CO2 cryo club cannons and re labeling them.  Beware of what you are purchasing.)

We hope this information helps you when deciding which CO2 liquid carbon dioxide foggers to purchase.

Call today for consulting or to make your own CO2 fog system investment. 888-664-0097 or visit

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