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When You Think Of CO2 Cryo Smoke Special Effects - Think ATL SPECIAL FX®

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Rent CO2 cryo guns cyro jets kryo fx club cannons "When The Smoke Clears, The Choice Is Clear."  ATL SPECIAL FX® is America's Most Trusted CO2 Cryo Jet For Special Effects.  Over the last decade, Atlanta Special FX has developed one of the most dependable and affordable CO2 cryo jets on the market.  Production companies around the world have created dense white fog plumes using CO2 gas and CO2 cryogenic cannons manufactured by ATL Special FX®

Our customers have always driven us to produce higher and higher quality, while ensuring our jets are the most dependable for each company.  People ask all the time why we don't include DMX 512 on CO2 Cryo Jets and our answer is simple.  DMX boards are fragile and with the amount of frost and intense temperature changes, CO2 jets have to be reliable.  Atlanta Special FX® designed CO2 cryo cannons around the needs of touring bands and performers. The rigorous life of a touring band can be very hard on fragile gear, when being installed and broke down on a daily basis.  Not to mention being tossed around in a tour bus and then expected to work like clock work.  The CO2 blasters produced by ATL SPECIAL FX® are guaranteed to work everytime. They do work flawlessly with a DMX 512 Dimmer / Switch relay.  

Rent CO2 Party Equipment Rental Cryo Club Cannons ATL SPECIAL FXCheck out the new outstanding 3 year warranty on all CO2 cryo jets, confetti cannons, and UV neon paint cannons.  No other company in the USA offers anything close to this.  And with offices in Denver CO, Nashville TN and Atlanta GA there is an office close by if you ever need accessories and/or repairs.  The goal at Atlanta Special FX is to provide the customer with the most professional, dependable CO2 products at the most affordable prices. 

CO2 cryo jets and cryo guns, or as some call them cryo cannons / cyro cannons, can be used for TV / Movie, Sporting Events, Team Entrances, Speaker Entrances, Concerts, and various other atmospheric applications. 

We are here to help you with starting your own company, installing CO2 cooling systems in nightclubs, or simply renting for a one time event. 

Call our friendly staff today at 888-664-0097 or visit our website for more CO2 cryogenic smoke products.

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