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We Wake Up Thinking About CO2 Jets and CO2 Confetti Cannon Manufacturing - ATL SPECIAL FX®

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CO2 team tunnel smoke fog machines ATL SPECIAL FX®

When something is your passion your every waking minute is spent thinking about it.  How to make it bigger, better, faster, more efficient? Well the design and fabrication team at ATL SPECIAL FX® is at it again.  They have just announced that by the end of 2017 they will release new, innovative CO2 cryo jets, and the most advanced CO2 confetti cannon ever invented.  The new special effects production equipment will revolutionize the marketplace and the only name you will know is ATL SPECIAL FX®.  We have already seen the cutting edge CO2 cryo smoke jets they will release and it was a stunning design!! Cory Barton a member of the R & D team over at Atlanta Special FX told us "We are keeping the new CO2 Cannon under wraps until this years LDI show in Vegas."

co2 STAGE MOUNTED JETS CRYO GUNS CYRO CANNONSIf you are an atmospheric special effects enthusiast, you will not want to miss the first time ATL SPECIAL FX® exhibits at LDI.  All I can say it you are going to see things never done before by some of the most forward thinking guys and girls at Atlanta Special FX.  Something BIG is coming.

We also visited with Amanda Vander Iest, who heads up their sales team, and she had this to say "I love this amazing company and our innovative products! The creative energy inside our office is so powerful that new products are conceived everyday." 

It is clear that Atlanta Special FX is driven to remain the leader in CO2 Special Effects manufacturing and by the sounds of things there are many more years of exciting new products to come.

For more information or if you have a product you would like to collaborate on, give them a call at 888-664-0097

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