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Rent Cold Sparklers and Fireworks Equipment Online for Weddings

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Unique Special Effects Items provide a robust level of engagement at local events. Whether viewed from a distance or within a close proximity, Fireworks via high-quality Pyrotechnic Equipment and Cold Sparklers will command a lot of attention. Atlanta Special FX Rents Cold Sparklers and Fireworks Equipment online for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and other events.

Make a Grand Entrance at a Wedding With CO2 Smoke 

Blasts of odorless CO2 Smoke is a great way to accent an entrance for the flower girl, ring bearer or for various members of the wedding party. 

Everyone will be excited to see who appears through a Cloud of CO2 Smoke. 

Adding Unique Special Effects to a wedding makes the celebration extraordinary. 

Whether used during the wedding, reception or for an anniversary, each setting has the perfect landscape to mesmerize the guests with a variety of stunning features, such as bursts of CO2 Smoke or Ground-Level Fog for the dance floor.

Our extensive line of Smoke-Producing Equipment may be used to create dense amounts of CO2 Fog or CO2 Smoke that vanishes fairly quickly. 

When considering certain highlights for a wedding, a grand entrance can provide an unexpected surprise for everyone who attends the event.

Plan for an Exciting Event With Special Effects Equipment 

Deciding to add Special Effects for a wedding ceremony or for an anniversary party will surely create a day that is filled with memories.

Planning a flawless wedding that features Cold Sparklers and close proximity Fireworks may be achieved with high-quality Special Effects Equipment.

We rent the Shoven Sparktacular Cold Sparkler Units that are safe for indoor and outdoor use.

Atlanta Special FX offers online and phone-based support to discuss the best Special Effects items to use for traditional weddings, casual weddings or for theme-based weddings.  

Rent Cold Sparklers for a Wedding

Cold Sparklers are used within elegant settings to accentuate the mood. 

The Pyro effect is great for a wedding, as Cold Sparklers do not produce any smoke or odors.

Many items that a bride and groom will purchase might only be used on their wedding day.

However, the costs for Special Effects Equipment may be greatly reduced by Renting Cold Sparklers for a wedding.

We can ship Cold Spark Units and close proximity Fireworks Equipment to most destinations within the United States.

Contact Atlanta Special FX today about ordering unique items for a formal occasion from home.

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