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Introducing the CryoPyro™ Intelligent Push Button Controller with ShadowTech™

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Innovative Special Effects Push Button Controllers provide useful advancements for the entertainment industry. Whether used for rapid firing or for increased mobility, the CryoPyro™ Intelligent Push Button Controller delivers amazing functionality. Remaining on the cutting edge of technology and ingenuity, Atlanta Special FX aims to increasingly improve the user experience for its customers.

About CryoPyro Intelligent Push Button Controller

Many Remote Controllers are dedicated toward the operation of a single device, with simple on/off, which limits the types of Special Effects Equipment that a user can incorporate within a live performance.  

Whereas, the CryoPyro™ Intelligent Push Button Controller raises the bar for hands-free commands. This DMX 512 Controller is built with a unique engine that enables a user to program a variety of exciting Special Effects, such as Chases, Waves and Bounces. Users can control CO2 Cannons, Confetti Cannons, Streamer Cannons, Pyro devices, Lighting fixtures, and more.  Users can easily Switch between Momentary and Latching Options with our high-tech Controller. 

CryoPyro Expandable DMX 512 Push Button Controller

Special Effects Expansion Features

After more than a year of design, upgrades and testing, the CryoPyro is a very powerful Special Effects Controller with unparalleled expansion features. 

The CryoPyro Intelligent Push Button Controller sports a patent-pending design that enables a user to incorporate additional Boxes. 

For instance, if a user needs 12 Buttons instead of just four, one of our Expandable Controllers may be added onto the unit using Cat5 cable.

This Special Effects Expansion feature can empower a user to control up to 36 unique sets of devices.

The CPC also includes ShadowTech™ which allows for advanced programming and functionality.

Using the CryoPyro Intelligent Push Button Controller

As we continue to revolutionize the Special Effects industry, the CryoPyro Intelligent Push Button Controller was uniquely designed to operate Streamer Cannons, Confetti Cannons, CO2 Jets, Pyrotechnic Devices, Flame Devices, Spark Machines, as well as Lighting and Moving Fixtures. 

Pyro Safety for High-Quality Special Effects Equipment 

Exclusively designed and manufactured in the United States, our CryoPyro Controller has a variety of built-in safety features.

Users can activate safety channels, as well as activation channels on the Flame Units.  

Purchasers of this Push Button Controller will own a High-Quality Special Effects Controller that includes a PCB Board Design and Fabrication that exceeds the industry standard. 

We stand behind this Unique Controller with a 24-month warranty for any manufacturer’s defects.

Buy an affordable Push Button Controller that may be seamlessly used to remotely operate multiple Special Effects Items.

We supply some of the most famous artists in the world with reliable eye-catching devices, lighting elements and CO2 Gas.  

Contact Atlanta Special FX today for more information about CO2 Equipment and Pyrotechnic Devices.

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