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Rent CO2 Confetti Cannons for High School and College Graduation

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Confetti and Streamers

High school and college graduates can celebrate with Special Effects that are literally over the top. With high-flying Streamers and Confetti, graduates of the Class of 2020 will have a lot to cheer about. Atlanta Special FX Rents Confetti Cannons for graduation ceremonies throughout the United States.

Confetti Cannon Rentals for Schools

Graduating seniors at local high schools and colleges will enjoy watching CO2-Powered Confetti Cannons in action. Unlike the imported devices that are sold through local merchants for small parties, our Confetti Cannons are made in the USA to provide powerful Confetti blasts.

From our warehouses throughout the USA, we use durable materials to manufacture high-grade Special Effects Equipment.

Rent CO2 Confetti Cannons

Many of our customers prefer to rent Confetti Cannons and Streamer Cannons, as needed versus purchasing, maintaining and storing CO2-Powered Equipment. 

We Rent Confetti Cannons to schools for football games, divisional playoffs, basketball championships and for homecoming events. 

However, Confetti Cannon Rentals for schools are also wise investments for high schools and for colleges that would like to Rent Confetti Cannons for graduation ceremonies in 2020.

We also sell Mylar and Tissue Paper for our Continuous Flow Confetti Cannon and for our Goliath Stadium Confetti Cannon. Both are ideal for schools that want to provide non-stop action for large crowds.

Confetti may be remotely shot into the air with our Cryo Blaster Push Button Control System -- it is an exclusive device that was designed and manufactured by Atlanta Special FX.

Rent Streamer Cannons

With a Streamer Cannon, high-flying Confetti Streamers that display a school’s colors can add a ton of excitement for a very special day.

Rent CO2 Party Equipment

School employees will notice that our Streamer Cannons are very easy to use.

We simplify the process to Rent Streamer Cannons online. 

Orders are promptly expedited to ship everything that is needed to showcase the ultimate display of beautiful Streamers sailing through the air.

We can also deliver CO2 Gas to the facility for the graduation, ahead of the scheduled date.   

Rent Handheld Confetti Cannons

Handheld Confetti Cannons are lightweight and provide greater mobility for users who might want to venture into a variety of directions.

All of our Special Effects Items are designed to offer an astonishing user experience.

When a school factors its cost per student toward creating a memorable occasion, the idea to Rent Confetti Cannons for graduation becomes more appealing.

Our ConfettiZooka Handheld Confetti Cannon is easy to tote throughout a crowd via a shoulder strap that provides increased mobility. 

Contact Atlanta Special FX today about Renting CO2 Confetti Cannons for commencement events.

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