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Atlanta Special FX Blog — Confetti Cannons

Rent CO2 Confetti Cannons for High School and College Graduation

Confetti Cannon Rentals for Schools Confetti Cannons Confetti Streamers Rent CO2 Confetti Cannons Rent Confetti Cannon for Graduation Rent Streamer Cannons Special Effects College Graduation Special Effects High School Graduation Streamer Cannons

High school and college graduates can celebrate with Special Effects that are literally over the top. With high-flying Streamers and Confetti, graduates of the Class of 2020 will have a lot to cheer about. Atlanta Special FX Rents Confetti Cannons for graduation ceremonies throughout the United States. Confetti Cannon Rentals for Schools Graduating seniors at local high schools and colleges will enjoy watching CO2-Powered Confetti Cannons in action. Unlike the imported devices that are sold through local merchants for small parties, our Confetti Cannons are made in the USA to provide powerful Confetti blasts. From our warehouses throughout the USA,...

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CO2 Jets and Confetti Cannons Featured in eSports Tournament

CO2 Jets Confetti Cannons Confetti Special Occasions eSports CO2 Jets Special Effects Equipment

eSports provide entertaining arenas for gamers to compete online. The platform enables millions of fans from around the world to seamlessly watch live events or televised matches. Atlanta Special FX supplies CO2 Jets and Confetti Cannons to enhance the excitement at eSports Tournaments. About eSports A growing demand for games that may be played at home via a PlayStation or an XBOX console has fueled the popularity of eSports. Many of the most exciting games, such as Fortnight, Dota 2, Call of Duty, League of Legends, Counter Strike, Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft may be played via...

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