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Rent Circle Flamer Pyrotechnic Machines For Unique Fire SFX

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Renting Showven pyro flame effect elements can set the tone for a unique high-performance production. When a show features impressive bursts of smoke or flames, viewers are compelled to react. While performers, entertainers and DJs may want to purchase several types of Special Effects Equipment, Atlanta Special FX also offers the Circle Flamer Pyrotechnic Machine for rent.

Rent Showven Circle Flame Pyrotechnic Fire


Hottest Entertainment Items

Outdated items that are routinely used, such as basic sparklers and vertical flaming elements often create limited levels of excitement for folks who attend popular events. Therefore, performers who are scheduled to deliver the hottest concerts will need Special Effects Items to ignite the crowd.  

The Showven Circle Flamer is literally among the hottest entertainment items that has recently hit the market. The Showven Cold Spark Fountain is another hot item that delivers a robust supply of Special Effects Flames.   


About the Shoven Circle Flamer Pyrotechnic Machine

The Showven Circle Flamer Machine can shoot flames in a 360° pattern. It is programmable with up to 182 settings and can fire back-and-forth in a rapid sequence.  

 Showven Circle Flamer 360 Degree Fire Burst

Utilizing a patented rotate nozzle design, the Showven Circle Flamer is ideal for lighting productions and for Special Effects. Flames can reach heights of 8 to 10 meters in settings without wind. The machine features a standard DMX control. 

Ordering Pyrotechnic Supplies

Within the entertainment industry, Atlanta Special Effects is known for providing the most reliable Special Effects Equipment that is manufactured in the United States. In response to a growing demand for Pyrotechnic Supplies, we now stock the most desirable Pyrotechnic Products and Supplies on the market.

Orders to buy or rent Pyrotechnic Items may be conveniently placed through our website or by phone. 

Help With the Set Up and Operation of Pyrotechnic Equipment

Our entry into the marketplace was strictly intended to manufacture high-quality Special Effects Equipment that was durable enough to withstand rugged use for outdoor events and for touring performers.  As the complexity and technological innovations have evolved to enhance Lighting Elements, Sound and Special Effects Equipment, we continuously received inquiries for onsite support.  Field support from a leading Special Effects Company is very important because of various risks, such as a fire or bodily injuries. To fully protect customers that we serve, we also offer insurance and professional support.

Therefore, our technicians who are trained to operate Special Effects Devices and Pyrotechnic Items are available for onsite support at locations in the United States, Canada and Mexico.     

Contact Atlanta Special Effects today at (888) 664-0097 to buy or to rent a Circle Flamer Machine or other types of Pyrotechnic Supplies.

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  • Jakub Lukuvka on

    Hi Michael,
    What are the options for renting your Showven Circle Flamer in Europe, specifically Czech Republic.
    Thanks for your answer.
    Jakub Lukuvka, pyrotechnician at Pyrotechnická služba s.r.o ( Pyrotechnical servise Ltd )

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