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CO2 Powered UV Paint Blaster Featured at Parties Across the Nation

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Unique CO2 Special Effects are used to provide an experience that partygoers will remember forever. Especially when the event features Paint and Confetti flying everywhere. Atlanta Special FX uses its patented CO2 Powered UV Paint Blaster to add excitement at parties throughout the United States.

CO2 UV Neon Paint Cannon Party Blaster

UV Paint Party Equipment

As a premier manufacturer of Special Effects Equipment, we are also hired to provide Party Equipment that delivers large bursts of Paint, Confetti, Streamers, Fire and Water.

While most Paint Parties are featured at raves and festivals, we are hired to provide Exclusive Paint Party Services for a growing list of clients nationwide.

Our team travels to schools, churches, colleges and camps to operate Party Equipment, such as our patented Confetti Cannons, proprietary CO2 Jets, Custom Cloud Making Machines, 10-Foot Tall Walking LED Robots, Streamer Cannons and about 300 gallons of Paint.

At a recent event for the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, our technicians set up and operated Paint Party Equipment. As a recognized school for up-and-coming athletes, the IMG Academy hires us every year to conduct several Paint Parties, Foam Parties and to provide Party Services for their Graduation

After hanging our CO2 Powered UV Paint Blasters on riser decks that are in front of the stage, we can channel burst of Paint that will travel approximately 70 feet. Our UV Paint Blasters deliver streams of paint into the crowd every five minutes.

Renting Party Equipment

We offer a Turnkey Party Equipment Package that customers can order online. Everything that we would ordinarily provide at events that are hosted by our technicians is available for nationwide delivery.

However, some events might require less Paint or fewer items for Special Effects. Instead of Renting all of the Gear that is included within our Turnkey Party Equipment Package, we offer our customers the option to Rent specific items that are needed to entertain their guests.

Therefore, we also Rent Party Equipment by the piece, which enables our customers to Rent a Paint Cannon, Rent a Confetti Cannon or to Rent a CO2 Jet, as needed.


When used in areas with low lighting, UV Paint enhances the excitement level for partygoers. It also provides a great time for the kids to take selfies and to obtain some shareable photos for their social media channels.  

Contact Atlanta Special FX for more details about Renting Party Equipment.


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