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Special Effects Were Used to Amplify Performances at Coachella 2019

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Coachella CO2 Jets and Confetti CannonsAtlanta Special FX collaborated with several production companies to help deliver outstanding performances at Coachella 2019. Legendary festivals often attract some of the most iconic artists in the music business. Fans from around the world were in attendance to experience Coachella 2019. 

About Coachella

As a 20-year old festival that is set in Indio, California, Coachella showcases a wide genre of music, such as EDM, hip-hop, rock and pop music. There were six different areas for attendees to stop and listen to performances from various artists. Coachella also offers a variety of activities for attendees to enjoy. In addition to musical performances, festivalgoers look forward to camping, shopping, eating and relaxing. Several venues are set up for art, technology, drinks, yoga, amusement, fashion and glamour.

Kid Cudi Special Effects CO2 Cryo Jets and Confetti

Special Effects for Kid Cudi at Coachella

Our Special Effects Team flew into Los Angeles to begin preparing for Coachella 2019.

During four days of rehearsals with artists at the Showbiz Studios in Van Nuys, California, we spent a lot of time on programming for upcoming performances.   

We worked very closely with Stage Audio productions, Show FX and other talented production companies. Our team created a full prop set that simulated a moon. Each crater in the moon had Low Fog, Fog and Smoke and CO2 Cryo-Jet Blasts coming out. The Blasts were time coded on the Grandma3 and synchronized with Lighting Elements during the production.

We performed on the Sahara stage, which was in a giant tunnel that was laced with lights and lasers.

Kid Cudi was featured as the headliner for a late night set. He impressed the crowd while performing songs from his “Man on the Moon” album.

Hiring an Experienced Special Effects Company

Getting everyone on the same page to integrate Special Effects, at an artist’s desired intervals requires a lot of experience and professional collaboration.

For Coachella 2019, our team worked very closely with Pyrotecnico and CO2 Masters for a variety of Special Effects, Confetti, CO2 Gas and Downstage CO2 Cannons.

Our Special Effects Team travels throughout the United States to amplify the performances for artists and entertainers.

Some of the most popular vocalists and DJs hire us for reliable Special Effects Services.

To ensure that we execute with precision, our Special Effects Team will rehearse with artists and production crews before an event is scheduled to start.

Contact Atlanta Special FX today at (888) 664-0097 for more information or to order Special Effects Equipment.  

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