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Introducing the Goliath Confetti Cannon

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The Goliath Stadium Confetti Cannons Simplifies Big Confetti.  For many years, entertainment professionals have searched to find a Confetti Blaster that delivers powerful aerial bursts. Whether using Mylar, Streamers or Tissue, a reliable Stadium Confetti Cannon should be used to fill a local arena. Atlanta Special FX has designed, built and obtained a patent on the Goliath Confetti Cannon.

CO2 Powered Confetti Cannon for Maximum Stadium Coverage

When an event organizer expects a large crowd to attend a concert or a local festival, a super-sized Confetti Cannon is needed to deliver plenty of Streamers and Confetti.

Our CO2-Powered Goliath Confetti Cannon is poised to become the most popular item among DJs, entertainers and production managers.

With the strength to provide more Confetti than other CO2 Cannons on the market, our latest phenomenon, the Goliath Confetti Cannon packs plenty of firepower.

Whether a large burst of Streamers or Confetti is needed for an indoor event, an outdoor festival or for a sports event, our CO2-Powered Confetti Cannon offers maximum stadium coverage.

Operating the Goliath Confetti Cannon

Goliath Stadium Confetti CannonUser can rely on power adapters or DMX 512 controls to operate the Goliath Confetti Cannon. Sporting a one-piece design with multiple launch angles, our Goliath Confetti Cannon has an eight-inch opening that allows users to shoot more Confetti, at a much faster rate than other CO2 Products that are available on the market.  With a patented air induction system, the Goliath Confetti Cannon can shoot Streamers and Confetti above 100 feet in the air.  Prior to operating the Goliath Confetti Cannon, the unit may be mounted on a truss, on the ground or onto a wall.

Durable CO2 Confetti Cannon for Stadiums and Arenas

Left View Goliath Stadium Confetti CannonAs the most durable CO2 Confetti Cannon in the world, the Goliath Confetti Cannon is made in the USA, and it is virtually indestructible.  We use high-quality components for all of our Special Effects Equipment. However, the Goliath Confetti Cannon is made from a high-grade of powder coated steel.  Therefore, touring companies and busy performers can transport our CO2 Cannons for many years without worrying about damages to the equipment.  Additionally, our Goliath Confetti Cannons are easy to set up and a breeze to operate.

Make a bold impact at a popular festival or a concert with the most powerful CO2 Cannon for shooting Mylar, Tissue and Streamers inside of an arena.

Contact Atlanta Special FX for more details or to place an order for Special Effects Equipment.

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