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Atlanta Special FX Blog — Goliath Confetti Cannon

Goliath Confetti Cannon Featured For Shaquille O'Neal at Turner Studios

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Basketball fans were excited to hear that Shaquille O’ Neal would be hosting the 2019 NBA Awards. To enhance the announcement, an extended display of special effects were performed at Turner Studios. Atlanta Special FX used its patented Goliath Confetti Cannon for the televised event. Preparing for the TurnerStudios Announcement Turner Studios hired Atlanta Special FX to provide a 30-second Confetti Fall.  The extended time frame required an abundance of Confetti that would last for the duration of the scene. To handle the request, our Goliath Confetti Cannon was featured for the event. We set up our Special Effects Equipment...

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Introducing the Goliath Confetti Cannon

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The Goliath Stadium Confetti Cannons Simplifies Big Confetti.  For many years, entertainment professionals have searched to find a Confetti Blaster that delivers powerful aerial bursts. Whether using Mylar, Streamers or Tissue, a reliable Stadium Confetti Cannon should be used to fill a local arena. Atlanta Special FX has designed, built and obtained a patent on the Goliath Confetti Cannon. CO2 Powered Confetti Cannon for Maximum Stadium Coverage When an event organizer expects a large crowd to attend a concert or a local festival, a super-sized Confetti Cannon is needed to deliver plenty of Streamers and Confetti. Our CO2-Powered Goliath Confetti...

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