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Goliath Confetti Cannon Featured For Shaquille O'Neal at Turner Studios

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Shaquille Oneal Confetti Cannon NBA Turner Studio

Basketball fans were excited to hear that Shaquille O’ Neal would be hosting the 2019 NBA Awards. To enhance the announcement, an extended display of special effects were performed at Turner Studios. Atlanta Special FX used its patented Goliath Confetti Cannon for the televised event.

Preparing for the TurnerStudios Announcement

Turner Studios hired Atlanta Special FX to provide a 30-second Confetti Fall. 

The extended time frame required an abundance of Confetti that would last for the duration of the scene. To handle the request, our Goliath Confetti Cannon was featured for the event.

We set up our Special Effects Equipment inside of TNT Studios in Atlanta, GA. Integrating our patented Hopper System with our Goliath Confetti Cannon ensured that a sufficient supply of Confetti would be available for the 30-second Confetti Fall.

Do to the height of the ceiling, there was a limited clearance area to drop Confetti for the requested duration. However, our technicians are trained for unique scenarios that may require customized configurations. 

For instance, during the set up, we used Wireless DMX and Battery Packs to power our massive Confetti Cannons. These features provided a very clean shot for television, as we did not use any cables to power our Special Effects Equipment.

Additionally, during the televised announcement that Shaquille O’Neal would be hosting the NBA Awards, a live band appeared and played during the scene, while we successfully provided 30 seconds of falling Confetti.

As an enormous amount of Confetti was shot from the Goliath Confetti Cannon, the blast provided time for kids to enjoy the Confetti Fall. 

Manufacturing High-Quality Confetti Cannons

We manufacture reliable Special Effects Equipment in the United States. Our equipment is more durable than products that are typically found on the market.

Unlike many of our competitors, we provide warranties on all of our products.

Whether our equipment is used at TNT Studios for a live event, at college stadiums, at professional sports events, for entertainers who are on tour, or for Fortune 500 Companies, we provide an unmatched line of products and supplies for all types of special event.   

While our technicians are available to travel and to set up Special Effects Equipment, we will also expedite online orders for delivery anywhere within the United States.

High-quality products and services enable us to work with some of the largest brands and entertainers in the world.

Contact Atlanta Special FX today about buying or renting CO2-powered items.

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