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Special Effects Company Donates CO2 Cryo Guns for Tunnel Smoke at Football Games

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Atlanta Special FX offers CO2 Cryo Fog Guns to organizations from little league teams to professional teams in the National Football League.  Football season begins with raving fans who have waited months for the sport to return. Prior to kickoff and during the game, special effects and other festivities are used to keep the fans excited. 

High School Football Team Tunnel CO2 Smoke Cannons

Using CO2 Guns for Tunnel Smoke

At the start of a football game, it is a big deal to ensure that players and fans are pumped up before the first quarter begins. Schools and athletic programs that use CO2 Guns for Tunnel Smoke are aware of the tradition that everyone anticipates. Fans enjoy the visual appearance that Tunnel Smoke displays, while football players are graced by a cooling sensation that CO2 Smoke provides as they run through it to reach the playing field.

Create Team Tunnel CO2 Cryo Gun Smoke and Fog

BOGO Offer for CO2 Guns

As an elite manufacturer of Special Effects Equipment, we provide high-quality CO2 Guns for NCAA Division-I schools and for NFL teams. To make CO2 Guns more affordable for athletic programs with smaller budgets, we donate a CO2 Gun to each school that purchases a Double-Nozzle CO2 Gun from us.

This buy-one-get-one offer levels the playing field for little league programs, elementary schools, middle schools and for high school football programs that desire high-quality CO2 Guns that are used by professional organizations.

CO2 Guns in Every Stadium Within the United States

While some of our competitors sell inferior products at higher prices, we are on a mission to put CO2 Guns in every stadium in the country.

Under the visionary leadership of Michael Willett, Atlanta Special FX began the BOGO offer for CO2 Guns several years ago. Thus far, hundreds of schools across the country are now empowered to provide Football Tunnel Smoke via CO2 Guns for Special Effects.

We have donated CO2 Guns to Mighty Mites, high schools, private schools, faith-based schools, little league organizations and to small colleges that are often funded by parents or small support groups.

However, the mission is an ongoing effort to see that every school in the country has high-quality CO2 Guns to provide excitement for local football fans.

Ordering CO2 Guns for Football Tunnel Smoke

Athletic directors and coaches from any school or football program in the country may order CO2 Guns online. Inquiries about our Special Effects Products are always welcomed. 

Contact Atlanta Special FX today for more information about products that enhance stadium excitement.

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