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Atlanta Special FX Blog — bemidji state

Check out This Hot Paint Party Company Neon1x Entertainment

bemidji state craig wallace neon paint neon1x paint party paint the beaver third circle

 "Get Splattered" Bemidji MN November 7th 2013: Paint The BeaversAs promised Neon1x is proud to announce they are going on tour with the HOTTEST UV NEON PAINT PARTY in the nation.  2013 and 2014 are going to be amazing as this new paint party production hits the road.  We caught up with Neon1x CEO Craig Wallace yesterday and asked him what to expect with the tour.  He informed us "Neon1x has been working diligently to create a show that is as entertaining the the big color companies at a fraction of the cost, and we have done it.  Our strategic partnerships...

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