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Atlanta Special FX Continues Scaling and Opens Biloxi Special FX

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Biloxi Special FX
Atlanta Special FX Announces Its Newest Office in Biloxi Mississippi.

Over the past year Atlanta Special FX has been on everyone's radar as they have initiated their plan for scaling the company. This week we saw another new office open in Biloxi Mississppi that will provide local evnet and special effects service to Mississippi, parts of Florida, and Louisiana. This new office...

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Atlanta and Dallas Special FX Puts George Strait In Clouds During Cowboy Rides Away arewell Concert

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confetti blast for george straitOn Saturday June 7th 2014 Dallas and Atlanta Special FX will take George Strait somewhere he has never been during his illustrious career…In the clouds. That’s right during the farewell concert for the famous George Straig, Dallas Special FX will launch GS shaped clouds, as well as music notes, cowboy boots and other country themed man made clouds along the front of the main stage. This ground breaking eco friendly effect called Cloudvertise launches man made lighter than air foam shapes, or clouds, into the air that hover on the breeze for up to an hour....

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Atlanta Special FX to Create First Ever Man-Made Logo Clouds at Richmond International Raceway’s, April 25 & 26 NASCAR Event Weekend

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Atlanta Special FX to Create First Ever Man-Made Logo Clouds at Richmond International Raceway’s, April 25 & 26 NASCAR Event Weekend These lighter than air foam clouds simply referred to as Cloudvertise® are an innovative way to brand company logos and entertain excited race day fans in a way never done before at a NASCAR race. "Cloudvertising helped with Chick Fil A Bowl sponsors and fans," says D. Martin. "ESPN wanted to film it, fans asked about it, and our sponsors liked the unique form of branding. Cloudvertise was a great addition to our event."Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) April 23, 2014...

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Atlanta Special FX Expanding to New Locations in Nashville, Dallas, Denver, Little Rock, St Louis and Minneapolis

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Atlanta Special FX Cryo Jets For One RepublicFebruary 28 2014: Atlanta Special FX Expanding to New Locations The home office is in Atlanta, Georgia. New locations opening in Nashville, Dallas, Denver, Little Rock, St Louis, and Minneapolis.  "It is amazing to see this company grow! What started out as an at home business now is a multi million dollar company in multiple cities." - Jan Pease-Hyneman, CEO of Jan Pease Marketing & Events Atlanta, GA (PRWEB)  Atlanta Special FX is a full service production and special effects manufacturer and rental company. They specialize in out of the box atmospheric special effects...

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Atlanta Special FX and Cloudvertise® Alter The Skyline for Alabama SEC Football

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  August 31, 2013 Atlanta GA: Once again Atlanta Special FX has partnered up with Chick Fil A to show the world an exciting new aerial special effect.  This incredible visual effect is not only stimulating, but it is an amazing form of aerial advertising...and the best part is 'Its GREEN'  That's right this whimsical use of 3D helium filled bubbles is completely eco friendly and can be used for indoor and outdoor venues.  According to David Larsen of Atlanta Special FX "The foam just simply evaporates once it touches any surface leaving no residue."  These amazing man made clouds provide hours upon hours of fun for stargazing...

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